One Step Too Close

By: K.A Merikan

A few months on, and she was starting to be restless, hungry for any information she could get. Jed was testing her patience, but there wasn’t much he could do without outing himself. He was trapped.

It was a waiting game, as he knew Dana’s boss had told her to stay here for a year. All it would take to get rid of her was a few more months evading questions and pretending he was a total fuckup, who had no way to get intel from club bigwigs.

Dana turned Jed to face her as soon as he finished pissing, and she pushed him at the wall. “You can coax something out of your brother now that he’s risen in the ranks. He will tell you what he knows,” she said, chewing on her plump lip. She had to get fillers to have a mouth like that. A lot of guys envied Jed a girl like Dana. He was twenty-five, she was probably around that age as well. Blonde, fit, sported denim hot pants that didn’t go with her personality, and presented herself to others as a bubbly, cheerful person. Too bad she was nothing like that behind closed doors.

“I will try then,” he lied, and a tiny twitch of her eyebrow told him she knew he wasn’t being sincere. Even at home he wasn’t at ease since she moved in as if it were her godgiven right to invade his personal space.

“Do it for me, baby,” she whispered, and it was just as if cold slime slid all the way down Jed’s back. He didn’t answer when she patted his ass and left without another word. So she’d chased him out of his own bedroom, and now this?

Jed couldn’t betray Ryder. He’d rather die than do that. He took a deep breath that smelled of piss and didn’t help him clear his head at all. There had to be a way out of this mess with Dana, and he would find it even if it killed him.

A loud knock on the door startled him, but knowing Dana wouldn’t announce herself, he looked out into the lounge, only to meet Tom, a hangaround he was friendly with. The guy played electric guitar in a local band and sometimes hung out with Jed in his garage. With his slightly crooked nose and lanky body, he wasn’t a threat to the barriers that contained Jed’s lust. Then again, after the consequences Jed was suffering for his one and only attempt at gay sex, he was pretty sure he’d been deterred for life. Those Jesus anti-gay camps should be using Dana as a counselor. She’d be called Dr. Celibacy.

“That was quick,” yelled Tom into Jed’s ear to be heard despite the music. “Did you get her off too, or are you holding back ‘til you’re both home?”

Jed laughed. One thing Dana was good for—being his beard. “Me? Wait? Nah, a quickie over the toilet, you know? She’s full of spunk now,” he said, feeling like the lamest person on Earth.

Tom wiggled his eyebrows. “My ex wouldn’t be caught dead fucking outside the bed. You’re a lucky man.”

“Hell yeah. She’s got a tight pussy. Milks you out of all the man-juices.” Jed reached to the massive fridge and got himself and Tom some beers. He felt a shudder go down his spine when Tom grabbed his nape and pulled himself up to whisper straight into Jed’s ear.

“Maybe you should let me watch some time?”

Those words went straight to Jed’s cock. Not because of Tom, even though his closeness was sparking arousal like any other guy’s would. No. It was remembering how he was just thirteen, and Ryder offered him a front row seat in his closet (oh, the irony), so that Jed could watch Ryder fuck his then-girlfriend. Jed had thought it was a great idea, eager to see what it was about when it came to sex, but the experience shattered his presumed straightness like no other thing ever.

As soon as Ryder’s clothes had ended up on the floor, Jed was afraid to even blink, not to miss a second of seeing his cock hard, dark, engorged, already big at that age. Jed didn’t as much as glance at the girl, completely enamoured by the way Ryder’s ass flexed when he fucked her, how his hips worked like a piston, the muscles of his back sweaty and rigid. When Ryder came on her stomach, Jed came in his pants. Just the few seconds of seeing Ryder’s cock dripping with cum provided sleepless nights for a month. Nothing had been ever the same after that one experience, and as hard as Jed tried, he couldn’t scrape it out of his mind.

“She’s not into that,” Jed said and chuckled, even though his forehead was getting hot at the memories flooding his brain.

“She doesn’t have to know.” Tom pulled Jed through the dancing crowd.

Jed liked crowds. This way at least he had a chance to touch guys without anyone noticing, and so as he followed Tom, he savored every touch of buttocks against his hips, even through the jeans. Moral? No. Delicious? Yes.

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