One Step Too Close

By: K.A Merikan

“Maybe, maybe…” Jed said, though he knew it would never happen. He’d sooner fuck a gator’s jaw. “You got something good for me, Tom?”

Tom opened his mouth with a wide grin. “Thought you’d never ask,” he said as they pushed through the corridor past the lounge, all the way to the open back door. There were some women congregated there, smoking cigarettes and talking, as there were no ladies’ rooms in the clubhouse, but no one bothered him and Tom as they rushed toward the garage. It was only when they heard loud moaning inside that Jed remembered it was where Axe and his two female friends had decided to have some fun, and so he rolled his eyes.

“We might ask to join them,” whispered Tom, pressing his ear to the steel wall.

“Are you kidding? I’m all out of cum, man. Give me an hour!” Jed grinned and thudded on the wall, just to piss off Axe. “Police, fuckers! I heard there’s some blowing going on! It’s illegal in the state of Louisiana,” he yelled.

Tom laughed out loud, holding on to Jed’s shoulder, even more so when Axe yelled back.

“I plead guilty, officer!”

The feminine laugh that followed sent Jed on his way. He drank from his bottle and pulled Tom along to a deserted picnic table underneath a tall tree, which covered the sky with its spread-out branches. The air was crisp and cool, getting to Jed even through his thick plaid shirt. How Tom was all right wearing only a cutoff T-shirt, he had no idea. He must have already taken some speed.

“Only for you,” said Tom, opening a small tin box with an old school illustration of puppies playing around with a ball. It was meant to carry mints and other small candy, but the white pills were not meant for children.

“A good friend if I’ve ever seen one.” Jed grinned back at him, and took one of the pills. For a moment, he considered taking two and keeping one for Ryder. Tom would probably not oppose. But if Jed offered when Jess was there, she’d probably whinge at him, being a nurse and all that. He remembered that time when he and Ryder took speed together and ended up smashing Dad’s car into a hydrant. The water had blasted up so high they called it a geyser, and couldn’t stop laughing even as the police arrived. Dad, being familiar with the effects of drugs, waited till the next day to execute his punishment.

Tom had a pill as well, and he leaned back, staring at the glimpses of sky between the leaves above. “My heart’s squeaking,” he said randomly, leaning closer to Jed.

Jed swallowed the pill and laughed. “What does that even mean? That you have to grease it? Wait, let’s go ask Jess.” He got up, and dragged Tom by the skinny arm.

“Might be the speed,” said Tom, leaning his weight on Jed. “Sounds like one of those rubber toys for dogs.”

“Yo, Jess!” Jed yelled from afar, eager to break up the mouth to mouth she was giving Ryder.

She blinked and pulled the handsome face against her neck, her eyelids fluttering, as if Ryder did something particularly pleasant. A shiver went down Jed’s spine when he imagined Ryder kissing his neck. For a moment, he was lost for words, but Tom was already getting restless.

“Jess, if my heart squeaks, does this mean I’m gonna drop dead?” he asked before randomly breaking into a loud laugh.

She frowned and gave Jed a disapproving look. “A heart can’t squeak. It’s just your imagination.”

“Maybe it’s pumping air,” offered Tom, making little restless jumps in place.

“Like this.” Jed wiggled his eyebrows and humped the air in front of him, pretending he was holding on to someone’s hips.

“Or maybe you need to get your ears cleaned. Might be the echo you’re getting from your artery,” said Jess, clearly disinterested in performing her medical duties.

It was then that Ryder looked up, his mouth slightly swollen from kissing, dark hair in disarray. Jed’s brain came to a halt.

Ryder nodded at him. “What about you?”

Jed stilled, awkwardly holding on to the air, and getting hotter by the second from the speed. He wasn’t a short guy himself. Six foot two, he worked out to be strong and lean, yet Ryder was still taller than him, and that made breath catch in his throat.

“I… What about me?”

“Has your heart turned into a horny mouse, too?” asked Ryder and winked at him while squeezing Jess’s ass .

Jed shrugged and put his hands in his pockets with a silly grin. Right now, his heart began fluttering, and it wasn’t the speed affecting him. “You know me. I’m always horny.”

Ryder snorted. “Then maybe you should get better company than Tommy here.”

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