One of a Kind Love 2

By: Sapphire

A Holiday Romance

Chapter 1

Beau and Capri only made it through the basement door before they started to kiss each other deeply. They were both greedy as they feasted upon each other’s willing mouths.

“Dear God, are you for real?” asked a breathless Beau.

She took his hand, opened her pants, and put his strong hand inside. She moaned and pressed her hips forward to help his fingers slid into her trembling pussy.

“Yes, this is real, and I know that is too,” she answered while she took hold of the long, thick bugle in his jeans.

His eyes rolled back and he closed them. When he opened his eyes, his gaze set her body in flames from the intensity of his stare. He withdrew his hand to smell his wet fingers before he slowly licked her cum from them. This time, it was her gaze that became hot and fierce.

“Are there whips and chains down here?”

“No,” she panted. “I don't think I'll need them,” she said, seriously.

“Promise me you'll never change. That you'll be this way with me always,” he begged as he touched his lips to hers.

“And if I never change, if I can do that, then what?” She panted.

“Then I'll love you forever,” he promised with a fierceness, that she knew that it was true.

Without a word, she took his hand in hers as she led the way deeper into the finished basement. They had no trouble figuring out which room Shantel and Caspian had chosen. The loud moans that escaped from the closed door at the end of the hall was a dead give way. Quickly she opened the door that was across the hall from them, walked in, and switched on the light. She didn't even have time for her eyes to adjust before Beau was on her. Her hands came out just in time to keep her face from hitting the ground due to the force of his push.

“I'm in no mood to play. I want your pussy, and I want it now,” he grunted through clenched teeth. With a forceful jerk, she felt her boots come off followed by her pants. He didn't even bother with removing her panties. Instead he hooked his finger in the strap, ran it down the cloth until he got to her cunt, and pushed it to the side, revealing her pussy. She watched over her shoulder as he feasted on the image of her quivering flesh.

“Your pussy is so damn pretty,” he whispered as he opened his pants to allow his dick to spring free. He heard her begin to moan as he rubbed the large, mushroom shaped head of his thick cock over the rim of her womanhood. He had thought he was going to take her fast, but after he felt the moisture of her nectar on his cock, he changed his mind. He wanted to feel every inch of her body opening to him. Slowly, he penetrated Capri to feel the walls of her pussy yield, stretch, and make way for his long, thick dick. It wasn't until he was half mounted that he gave in to his initial impulse. Taking a firm grip on her hips, he thrust forward with so much force, he dislodged Capri's balance off her hands, causing her to bump her forehead on the plush carpet.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

“I suggest you keep your head down cause I'm going to beat your cherry until it’s swollen and you can’t walk,” warned Beau in a strained voice.

She felt one of his strong hands move to grip her left shoulder while the other looped under her right thigh to raise up her leg. She was helpless. He made good on his warnings. The assault on her body was brutal. He fucked her deep, hard, and steady as he used the leverage of his grip to pull her back to meet each forceful strokes. The impact of their bodies colliding vibrated throughout the room to mix with her whines, moans, and at times demands for him to stop. They all fell upon deaf ears as he forged on. His gaze narrowed when he saw her began to crawl at the carpet in her attempt to get away, but she was his. In spite of her cries, her body didn't lie. He felt her get wet time and time again. He felt the trimmers of her pussy as it clenched in pleasure.

Pausing he leaned forward and whispered, “I want you to be able to walk, so I'll take pity on you, but tonight will be another story. I promise.” he said as he rotated his hips slowly. “You're so damn wet. I love it. I can't wait to bury my face between your legs.” He felt it. He felt the walls of her pussy begin to vibrate and shake. Slowly, Beau let her right leg back to the ground. Still leaning against her back, he began to move again. This time his strokes were long and slow as he arched his back in just the right way to ensure he tapped that spot, which would cause the honey liquid of her body to flow free to cascade down his dick and collect on his nuts.

“That's it,” he moaned before he bit her neck.

Capri couldn't stop her release even if she wanted. Beau wasn't like all her other lovers that she could command and control. There was no dominating him like the other men that enjoyed submitting to her will. He didn't take commands. He didn't need to be told what to do or when to do it. He was in control, and he knew what it took to bring her to ecstasy. From the roots of her hair to the bottom of her feet, Capri felt as if her nervous system was at risk of overloading. Her entire body felt as if tiny needles were tickling her body as the sensation started at ground zero which was her pussy, to ripple out to every area of her body. Unable to hold it in, she buried her head in the carpet to muffle the loud scream of her orgasm. Even then it still seemed to shake the walls of the room.

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