Passion Abroad

By: J A Fielding

Erica liked to consider herself as a small person with a big personality. She had learned to love and appreciate her height the day she discovered high heels. After spending her years in high school and college being the short girl, she had made a decision to see her glass as half full especially since she was the most promising student in her class. After college, she got into the prestigious Kirkland & Smith, the leading law firm in the country and according to Forbes, the third largest firm in the UK and US combined. Most of her classmates were jealous since she was earning almost triple what they were making in her first year alone. Two months into the new job, Erica had already earned a name for herself. She was like the Bethany Horowitz at Kirkland & Ellis, small but dangerous.

When she finally got home, she looked at her reflection in the mirror before she pulled out the pin that held her loose bun in place, letting her thick luxurious brown hair flow on her shoulders. She grabbed the takeout boxes from Antonio’s Grill and stepped out of the car but when she saw her reflection in the driver seat window, she frowned. She put the boxes on the car roof before she took off the jacket she had on leaving her in a cream colored pencil button down knee-length dress. Braving the cold Vermont weather would definitely be worth it in a few minutes. She twisted her head to the side wondering what to do to look a little sexier, not that she needed any help or anything.

“A button or two should do the trick,” she thought as she undid two buttons –and then a third. A smile played on her lips when she saw how perfect her cleavage looked. It was like looking at two amazingly perfect cushions on her chest. She grabbed her bag and the takeout boxes before she walked into the house.

“Eli! Babe I’m home,” she announced when she walked into the three bedroom house she shared with her fiancé. She looked around the living room and raised an eyebrow. There were two wine glasses and some Chinese takeout boxes. The TV was on but there was no sign of Eli. She shook her head as she put her bag down and kicked off her shoes before she began clearing the table. This was classic Eli. He would always entertain his friends and forget or ignore to clean up. “Too bad you ruined your appetite. I brought us ravioli for dinner and you know what that means. I won!” she said excitedly as she walked the two glasses to the kitchen. She put her hands on the counter and wondered why Eli was not answering. A smile played on her lips when she realized that Eli must have been in the bathroom. He hated talking while on the can. He always said it was bad manners. But Erica could not wait to share her good news. She quickly made her way out of the kitchen and began walking down the hallway. But when she touched the doorknob, her heart skipped a beat. She saw a shoe outside her bedroom door, a shoe that didn’t belong to her. She tried taking deep breaths as she walked towards her bedroom. There was no telling what she would find. Her mind was going crazy with all the different but possible scenarios waiting for her on the other side of the door. When she got there and pushed the door open, she gasped in anticipation but all she saw was an empty bed. An empty unmade bed. She looked around and blinked back tears when she saw a black satin skirt and a flowered blouse on the floor. She could hear the shower running in the bathroom and the clothes on the floor along with the unmade bed told her more than she needed to know. But for some reason, she found herself slowly walking towards the bathroom. She wanted to stop herself but for some crazy reason, she couldn’t.

“Oh my God,” she said in a low voice when she opened the bathroom door and came face to face with a naked Eli who was pinning a naked woman to the bathroom wall. She opened her mouth to speak but she was not sure what she was supposed to say. She gave him a disappointed look before she pulled off the princess cut engagement ring and threw it at him. She spun on her heel and walked out of the bedroom leaving Eli calling out to her but she wasn’t sure she wanted to hear anything he had to say. All she knew was that the wedding was off and she could not stand being in that house a second longer. As the tears finally began rolling down her cheeks, Eli chased after her as she ran out to her car and started the engine. As she drove away, the red Prius parked opposite her house finally registered in her mind. She had seen it before, many times before…which meant that this, Eli’s indiscretions had been going on for a while. As she drove off, she could not help but wonder if he had cheated on her because she was always busy working.

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