Passion Abroad

By: J A Fielding

“You’re right boo. This is to a new start,” she said as she raised her own glass.

Erica smiled and raised her glass.

“To a new start,” she said before taking a sip. She could already see herself in her new start with the wind blowing in her hair and the sand tickling her feet.

Chapter 2

When Erica landed in Acapulco International Airport, she was already thanking her lucky stars that she had chosen Mexico over Hawaii for her first destination. The weather was perfect and the people were all too friendly. For the first time in a long time, she was happy she was not on the receiving end of people’s pitiful stares. It had been months since she and Eli broke up, six months to be exact but people were still looking at her like she had come to the end of herself.

When she checked in into her room, she took a long nap before hunger pains woke her up. She considered having room service but when she looked at the time, she realized that what was initially supposed to be a short nap had actually turned out to be a six hour rest. She got out of bed and sent a quick text to her sister to let her know that she got to Acapulco safely. After that, she took a long shower and then changed into a spaghetti strapped peacock maxi dress that showed off her perfect curves. She then straightened out her hair and put on some light makeup and some gold hooped earrings. A smile played on her lips when she saw her reflection. It had been a long time since she put on a maxi dress. Thanks to Vermont weather, she rarely ever got a chance to wear anything sleeveless without a coat. She put on some pink lip gloss and then picked up her purse before she walked out of her room. She could not help but notice just how perfectly tanned the hotel guests were.

“Or are they locals and I just had a racist thought?” she wondered as she rode in the elevator. When she got to the first floor, she made her way to the restaurant and took a seat with a beautiful beach view. “So is it lunch or breakfast?” she wondered as she looked at her phone. Three in the afternoon. “A really, really late breakfast.” She was still looking at her menu when a waiter walked up to her carrying a glass of fresh pineapple juice. “I’m sorry…I didn’t order this,” she said as she looked at the waiter.

“Complementary drink for all our guests, miss,” the waiter said with a smile. Erica looked up at him and smiled. She couldn’t help but notice the boyish telenovela star vibe. “The hotel also has a pineapple venture,” the waiter added.

“Thanks,” Erica said as she held the cold glass and lifted it to her lips. “This is really good,” she said when she put the glass down. The waiter smiled in appreciation.

“Three years serving that and I am yet to get a disappointed customer,” he said. Erica smiled and took another sip.

“I’ll have the chicken fajita,” she said but she wasn’t sure that would be enough. She was famished. “Could I also have a side of salsa and chips?” she asked. The waiter scribbled something on his pad and nodded before he walked away. She took another long sip of her juice and looked up just in time to see a perfectly toned muscled man walking into the restaurant. “Damn,” she thought as she looked at him. He was in a pair of white linen pants and a light blue shirt. Even though the shirt was buttoned all the way down, she could see the perfect muscular structure, she could almost picture it in her head. The man had perfect dark wavy hair and Erica had to admit, he was the hottest man she had ever seen. When the man began walking towards her, she realized she had been staring and looked away. She took another sip of her juice and tried as much as she could not to make eye contact with him. “Oh come on,” she thought when the man took a seat right next to her. She thanked her lucky stars that she had a seat with a view otherwise she would have been stuck staring at an amazingly hot guy. She was still looking at the beautiful scenery below when the waiter came back with her order. “Thank you so much. Please charge this to my room,” she said as she inhaled the rich aroma. She was trying hard not to moan when she took her first bite. It was simply heavenly.

“I am surprised I can’t hear pleasure sounds coming out of you right now,” the man seated at the table next to hers said. She turned around dabbing the sides of her mouth where the food was threatening to mess up.

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