Passion Abroad

By: J A Fielding

“I beg your pardon?” Erica asked.

“That’s the fajita right? When I first had it, I was with a few board members and the whole restaurant thought we were having a sexual experience or something,” the man said. Erica smiled and then laughed.

“Cute and funny,” she thought. “Well, maybe I was trying to make sure I don’t get branded a pervert on my first day in Acapulco,” she added.

“First day, huh?” he looked at her and smiled. She nodded. “Mind if I join you?” he asked. Erica almost jumped up in joy.

“Sure,” she said before taking another bite. “Sorry, my manners…Erica Hayes,” she said when she swallowed.

“Daniel Reese,” he said. She looked at her hands and smiled.

“I would shake your hand but…maybe we can do that in an hour or something?” she asked. He smiled and nodded. Erica took a tortilla chip and dipped it in salsa before she took a bite. “Would you like some?” she asked. Daniel frowned and Erica followed suit. “Come on, don’t be a baby,” she said. Daniel smiled and then reached for a chip before he dipped it in the salsa.

“That’s good,” he said as he chewed. “Really good,” he said as he reached for another tortilla. “Three years I have been coming here and I have never thought of ordering this,” he said.

Erica raised an eyebrow.

“I have to ask, what nationality are you?” she asked.

“American. Why?”

“Are you trying to tell me that you’ve never had tortillas?” she asked in surprise.

“Well, I don’t like admitting it in public but I have actually never had any,” Daniel shrugged. Erica’s eyes grew wide. “Given the look on your face right now, I can assume that you are genuinely surprised,” he said.

She nodded and took a bite of her fajita.

“I am,” she said before taking another bite.

“Why? I don’t think it’s that weird,” he said.

“Actually, it is just as strange as a Chinese man never having had rice in his life,” Erica looked at him and smiled.

“Okay when you put it like that I sound like an absolute…snob,” Daniel said. The waiter who had served her earlier came carrying a tray and stopped at their table. “Thank you Emilio,” he said as the waiter put a plate in front of him coupled with a glass of pineapple juice. “I see you already had a taste of this glass of heaven,” he said before taking a long sip from his glass.

Erica smiled and took a sip from her own glass.

“It is perfect,” she said.

“I have been having a glass every single day since I got here. I don’t know what I am going to do when I go back home. I mean you can never get something this good and authentic back at home,” he said.

Erica looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “Just how long have you been here?”

“Fourteen days and counting.”

“Wow, any plans of going back time any time soon?”

“Oh Erica, are you already bored with me? It’s only been a few minutes,” he teased.

She smiled and shook her head.

“No, no, no. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s nothing like that. It’s just that you look like a venture capitalist kind of person and such guys usually have a few weeks every fifty years to take a vacation,” she said. He took a bite of his paella rice before he looked up at her.

“I’m sorry, venture capitalist? Whatever gave me away?” he asked as he looked at her.

“Well, you might be in linen pants but I work with suits all day. I know exactly what an Armani shirt looks like,” she said. Daniel looked at her and nodded. He looked seemingly impressed.

“Okay, now I have to ask what you do,” he said.

Erica took another bite and shrugged.

“I was a lawyer, two years,” she said before taking another bite.

“Was? Did you change your mind about law or something?” he asked.

Erica took a long deep breath and shook her head.

“Honestly I don’t really know. I gave my resignation to my boss before I took this trip,” she said. “The trip is actually supposed to help me make up my mind about…a lot of things.” Daniel nodded and took another bite of his paella. “So, what about you? Was I right about you, Mr. Venture Capitalist?” she asked.

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