Passion Overseas

By: Jennifer Fielding & J A Fielding

An intense and passionate holiday romance...

When Erica decided to travel the world to get away from her less than desirable life, all she wanted was some alone time and the chance the get her head back in order.

Erica got more than she bargained for!

Not only did she meet Daniel, a man who makes her laugh and complements her personality in every way, but Daniel's also quite well off. In fact, he's a billionaire!

Now the two are traveling the world together, experiencing all life has to throw at them. Occasionally though, they don't make it past the bedroom door...

Join the two as they embark on a whirlwind romance, travel the world together, and experience all the joys that is a holiday romance.

But will the two be able to keep things going when the holiday ends?

Find out in this hot new adult romance from J A Fielding.

Warning: Suitable for over 18s only as contains scenes of a sexual nature.

Chapter 1

Erica had mixed feelings as she and Daniel drove Emily to the airport on Wednesday evening. She was happy that she and Daniel were finally going to get some alone time but she was also sad that her sister was going back home. She interlaced her fingers with Emily’s as they slowly walked into the departures terminal.

“You know the weird thing is that I actually want to stay even though I have been the third wheel in this arrangement for a week,” Emily said with a smile. Erica looked at Daniel and felt herself blush. “Cassandra is going to have my head on a platter for leaving without telling her,” Emily added.

“So, you left without telling her?” Erica asked in disbelief. Emily shrugged.

“I only told her when I arrived…two days after I got here, actually,” Emily shrugged.

“Yeah, Cassandra is definitely going to have your head. You know she would have come, right?” she asked.

“Yeah, don’t rub in the whole ‘she’s her own boss thing’. I kind of know how it works,” Emily said rolling her eyes.

“You know you could stay, right?” Daniel asked.

Emily forced a smile and shook her head.

“Well, as much as I like being the odd one out, I really have to get back to my life. I have to look over some of the offers and actually accept one. Plus there is the little factor of having to deal with a few legal things,” she explained. Daniel shrugged. “But I would have loved to stick around and maybe try my hand at a charming Greek god,” she added winking at her sister.

“For some reason, I think those gods were…um…a bit small in size,” Erica frowned.

“Wait, are you talking about…” Daniel started before Erica nodded knowingly.

“Yes, that is exactly what I’m talking about,” she said, a naughty smile on her lips.

“Why?” Daniel asked as he put his hands over his ears. “I really don’t think this is something I should be hearing right now.”

“Well, like it or not, all the paintings and the structures kind of show all the men spotting some weirdly small cocks. I don’t think it’s all a coincidence,” Erica said. It was now Emily’s turn to frown.

“Well, I’m definitely off Greek men. For life,” she said.

“I was simply making an observation.”

Daniel looked at her and shook his head. “How I still find myself amazingly attracted you…I really do not get,” he said.

“I think I have the answer to that. Have you seen her ass?” Emily smiled.

“Emily!” Erica said a little too loudly. She was surprised that her sister would say that out loud. That was the kind of thing that you thought and never spoke of. She was now looking at a giggling Emily.

“What? It’s true. We Hayes women have always had an ass that would put J-Lo and Beyoncé to shame. We are the true definition of Bootylicious,” she said.

Erica shook her head. “I cannot believe we are having this conversation,” she said under her breath.

“Hey, that is exactly what I was feeling two minutes ago so welcome to my world,” Daniel said. There was a vengeful smile on his lips. None of them noticed the time flying by as they stood there until Emily looked at her phone and realized that it was time to check in.

“I really hate to break this up but I have to check in,” she said frowning. She took a step towards Daniel and threw her arms around him. “You take care of her, won’t you?” she asked as she hugged Daniel tightly.

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