Passion Overseas

By: Jennifer Fielding & J A Fielding

“What are you up to, Reese?” she asked as he moved closer to her in the booth. He shrugged and flashed her that heartwarming smile.

“What I can’t just look at you and smile?” he asked as a waiter walked up to their table. “What do you think? Adventurous or safe?” he asked as he looked at the menu.

“What the heck, let’s go adventurous,” she shrugged with a small giggle. Daniel smiled at her and then pointed to something on the menu. “And a glass of wine please,” he added with a smile. He held her hand and drew little circles on the back of her hand with his thumb.

“You know, I have to admit. I love the fact that you are wearing a dress,” he said in a whisper. “This dress,” he added as he slid even closer and placed a hand on her thigh. He leaned in and kissed her softly leaving her longing for more. The brief touch of his lips against hers made her want more. She looked around nervously and let her hand slip under the table. He felt a shiver go through his body when her hand brushed against his crotch. She could feel his hardness against his crotch.

They suddenly got lost in each other as if the entire restaurant did not exist because the next thing was her slow movement up and down his crotch. She longed to feel his mouth on hers. He leaned in and kissed her softly as she rubbed his cock making her moan into her mouth. He pulled away and looked into her eyes. At this rate, they would be booked for being indecent. She pulled her hand away from his crotch and he put his hand back on the table wondering why he had not caressed her when he had a chance. She looked at him and felt herself blushing when she saw the waiter coming back with their order. She didn’t even know what he had ordered for them but the aroma was tantalizing. Whatever it was, she was ready to dig in.

“I hope you are going to love the pilaf prepared Greek style,” he said as he took a hot towel from the waiter.

“Wait, I thought pilaf was something from the Middle East or India,” Erica said, cleaning her hands.

“It is. But the Greeks have a way of sprucing it up. They serve it up with chicken kabobs perfectly marinated, juicy and spicy…and that salad you like,” Daniel said with a smile. “You will love it.”

“Oh, I know I will,” she said as the waiter poured her a glass of chilled white wine. “Oh holy Ramsey!” she said in a loud whisper after she bit into a piece of chicken. It was like heaven on spicy steroids. “I am almost sad that I actually wanted to choose a movie over this,” she said as she took a bite of her rice. “And their feta cheese is so…perfect,” she said in between bites. Daniel couldn’t help but smile as he watched her. This was the most perfect dinner she had ever had to date. The two were excited as they ate and they were having a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. So when she finally felt his hand on her knee, she sighed in relief and slightly parted her knees giving him more access. She was happy they got a booth rather than the usual table because she was sure everyone could see what was going on under the table. Her prayers were finally answered when the restaurant lights were dimmed to switch the establishment to the evening theme.

And that was just what Daniel needed. He held her neck and kissed her deeply, he just couldn’t help it. And the more he tried stopping, the more tongue he gave her. He was insatiable.

He caressed her smooth thighs lovingly as she pursed her lips together to ensure she did not moan out loud. He ran his hand from her knee and worked it up her dress making her pussy get increasingly wet. She wanted to tell him to stop just so she could ensure he would have his way with her back in the suite but somehow the words just never made it out of her mouth. All she knew was that when her lips parted to talk, she just ended up moaning softly. She pulled him against her and kissed him deeply. Daniel took this as a sign to go further and pushed his hand further up her dress and pulled her panties aside.

She threw her head back and her eyes rolled to the back of her head when she felt him push a finger into her wetness. She shivered when he began running his finger up and down her slit. It was almost too much for her and were it not for the way he was kissing her, she was sure that everyone in the restaurant would have heard her as she moaned out loud. He pulled away from her and looked around.

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