Passion Overseas

By: Jennifer Fielding & J A Fielding

“Why the hell do you want to know?” she asked.

“Is she okay? Is she happy?” he asked even though she was not sure what his intentions were.

“She is happy. She has moved on and she is in love. This thing you had is dead and buried, Eli,” she added. She was about to walk away when Eli held her hand.

“But where is she? I need to see her,” he said. She rolled her eyes and yanked her hand away from him.

“Well you can’t asshole. She is in Athens,” she said before walking away.


Emily was still jet lagged when she woke up three hours later and then realized what had just happened to her at the airport. She needed to give her sister a heads up.

“How the hell am I supposed to break this news to my sister?” she wondered as she splashed some water on her face. She took a long deep breath and walked out of the bathroom. She made her way to the kitchen and opened the fridge. “Really, Cassandra?” she wondered as she looked through the contents of her fridge. Clearly, Cassandra had taken the whole house sitting thing to another level. She grabbed a carton of milk and then got some cereal from the shelf. She poured her cereal and milk and then walked back to the bedroom. She ate it slowly and shrugged before she switched on her computer. She called Erica and waited for her to pick up.

“Hey you,” Erica said when she answered the video call.

“Hey, wait. I want to conference Cassandra in,” Emily said typing frantically.

“Okay. But you do know what time it is over here, right?” Erica asked. Emily smiled uncomfortably as she looked at her screen.

“Well, I am jet lagged and I have to tell you something,” Emily said before taking another bite of her cereal.

Erica raised an eyebrow and looked at her sister. “Em, should I be concerned?”

“Just…just chill,” Emily said.

“Hey Erica and deserter,” Cassandra said a bit too dramatically.

“Hey Cassandra. And before you continue hurling insults, I should tell you that I got you those cute black and silver peep toe Jimmy Choos you wanted since last spring,” Emily said. Cassandra put a hand over her mouth and squealed loudly. “Yeah, I knew that would shut you up.”

“So, Erica. How is everything in Athens?” Cassandra asked.

“Dark. Really, really dark,” Erica said.

“What? I thought you and that hottie were having a great time,” Cassandra said.

“Oh we are. It’s just that it’s one in the morning over here,” Erica said. Emily shrugged.

“Well, I could have waited to talk to you but clearly Miss Jimmy Choo here has something in mind,” Cassandra said.

“Yeah, Em. What’s going on? Did you have a good flight?” Erica asked.

“Yeah, the flight was awesome. I still maintain the whole Middle Eastern airlines are the best!” Emily said with a smile.

“I thought British Air was your bread and butter…and maybe Lufthansa too?” Cassandra asked.

“Oh honey, you haven’t had international treatment until you try Etihad, Emirates or Qatar,” Emily said. A smile played on Erica’s lips. “So anyway, I have to tell you guys something. It’s more your news Erica but I didn’t want to have to tell it twice,” she added.

Erica raised an eyebrow. “Like I asked before, should I be worried, Emily?”

“Well, not really except the fact that your ex knows where you are.”

“What?” Erica and Cassandra asked in unison.

“I bumped into him…or he bumped into me…at the airport. And he was going on and on about closure…” Emily started.

“Closure? He needs fucking closure?” Erica asked a bit too loudly making Daniel wake up. She put her hand on him and patted him gently before she got off the bed and walked out into the living area. “Why the hell should he get closure?” she asked as she sat down.

“See? That anger is exactly what I felt and I gave him a good tongue lash,” Emily said.

“Wait, where was he going?” Cassandra asked.

“I don’t really know. I was in the arrivals terminal. I just exploded Erica. I’m sorry,” she sighed as she looked at her sister.

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