Pawn of the Billionaire

By: Kristin Frasier&Abigail Moore

“No. Thanks, Toni. We’re fine.”

I nodded and went over towards the door. “Can I help you?”

I could feel my heart beginning to race out of my control, and my panties dampened. I wasn’t used to this. I had little time to meet men, go to parties. But here was someone who just by being here was making me feel like a teenager again.

He was staring at me too. He looked — I don’t know. He looked shattered. I had to pull myself together.

“You here for coffee, sir?” I asked and gestured towards the back table.

He started. “Oh. Yes, thanks.” I could see him pulling himself together. “Yes, coffee, please.” His voice was quiet, authoritative but sexy, with the faint English accent of someone who’d been over here for some years.

“Coming right up.” I swung to the back and made his coffee, finding myself choosing one of the newest mugs.

“I’ll be with you in a moment,” I called to the boy’s father, who was waiting to pay for their breakfast. I knew I had to concentrate. Everyone said I was clumsy, and the one thing I didn’t want to do was tip coffee over the sexiest man I’d ever seen in here.

“There you go, sir.” I put the mug in front of him. “The menu’s there if you want anything to eat.” I glanced at his face, and then looked away fast. He was studying me curiously. I wondered for a moment if I’d got something on my face or my makeup had smeared. My insides clenched.

I hurried over to the register, feeling my face burning.

“Seven dollars, then.” I took the dad’s ten spot, and gave him his change. His wife came up and stood next to him.

“Try not to worry too much.” I felt so sorry for them. “He’ll take it out on you, because he feels secure enough with you to risk it.” I smiled at them and slammed the register shut.

“Chemo’s horrible, especially when you’re watching your kid go through it.” I made a face. “Tell me how he’s got on in the morning, okay?”

The pale woman smiled back. “We will, Toni. Thank you. You do make things easier for us all. We all tell each other about this place back on the ward.”

Marco was coming in the door at that point. He preened himself. He knew that the extra customers from the oncology ward helped his bottom line. My smile fell from my face and I turned to the back. Marco didn’t realize just how much all this shit affected me, though. I caught a glimpse of the sexy man’s face. He looked thoughtful. I scowled and swung through to the back.

Sitting there with his new clothes, all fitted as if they were made for him. His warm coat, his careful grooming. What the hell was he doing here, messing up my emotions, and making me wonder why he was watching me?

I had to pull myself together. I made Marco his coffee and set a muffin out for him. Then I went out to clear the tables.

Three of the couples had gone almost together, so I stacked the tray high, wiping and cleaning the tables and tidying the sauce bottles.

Sam watched me with his dogged devotion, and I smiled over at him.

“Bit wet outside, Sam.”

“S’right, Toni.” Sam had his hand curled around his mug. “Nice an’ warm in here though.” He gazed at me. “You okay today? You look a bit … different.”

“I’m fine Sam. You enjoy your coffee.” I couldn’t deny I felt a bit light-headed. I wondered what the well-dressed guy was doing here. He didn’t seem to be doing anything, except sitting and looking around. Why? Why was he here?

I loaded the last few items onto the tray and lifted it carefully. It was a bit fuller than usual, everyone seemed to have wanted extra toast, and those little plates made the stacking harder.

I couldn’t stop it. As I wriggled past the tables, I could see the cutlery sliding. “Damn!” I managed to keep the word under my breath, but both Sam and sexy man looked around.

As the silverware rained to the floor, Sam struggled to his feet. “Let me help.”

“No! No, Sam!” I hissed at him. “Sit back up, or I’ll get into trouble.” And he sat back, uncertain, because he knew what was likely to happen.

“Toni! Not again!” Marco’s voice roared out from the kitchen, and I made a face at the offending items.

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