By: Bella Jewel

“What are you doing, Tristan?” I cry.

He’s not allowed to hit prisoners unless there’s absolutely no way around it and he’s lying on the floor about to die from an attack – even then, we learned how to defend ourselves properly in our training. There’s no need for this.

“He attacked me when I came in here. I had no choice,” Tristan barks.

“You need to step out and call it in,” I demand. “I’ll wait with him. You know the rules. Get out, Tristan.”

Tristan turns, and Beau glares up at him. He has blood running down his mouth, so much so that it makes me wonder if he’s been hit more than once. Tristan cuffs his hands behind his back and steps back, nodding at the other two guards. They both stare at me, and then exit the cell. Tristan pulls out his radio and calls it in as he passes me.

When they’re gone, I step inside and stare over at Beau. He glares at me, his face a mess. I pull off my jacket and walk over, sitting beside him on the bed, and pressing the cotton material to his face. He growls but he doesn’t make any move to attack me, which seems strange, considering they accused him of attacking them.

“Do you want to stay in here?” I mutter, staring at the split in his lip.

“Why are you fuckin’ here?”

“Because you’re beating my guards.”

“Wrong,” he growls. “They were beating me.”

“Because you attacked them.”

He leans in close, causing me to flinch, but I don’t move back. He’s trying to get into my space, trying to intimidate me. It won’t work.

“Tough little thing, aren’t ya?”

I shrug. “Just doing my job.”

“Let me tell you a little somethin’ about your job,” he murmurs. “You got a whole lot of fuckin’ criminals around you.”

“No shit,” I snort. “Last time I checked that’s what’s usually in a prison.”

He narrows his eyes into a full-throttle glare. “Not what I meant. It ain’t the criminals inside the cells you should be watchin’.”

“What are you talking about?” I say, even though I’ve already had the same thoughts cross my mind. “You’re hardly in a place to be making accusations.”

He raises his brows. “That so? If anything, I think I am in the perfect position to be making them.”

“How do you figure?”

He smirks. “Because I’m a criminal myself, remember?”


I say nothing; I just cross my arms.

“I’m guessing I have about five minutes before they come in here and lock me down, so here it is. Your boys, there, came in here and beat the fuck outta me. I was sleepin’ in my bed, doin’ nothin’. There is a reason for that, but it’s a reason I’m not discussing while I’m in here. Just know those boys are up to no fuckin’ good, and they’re doin’ some bad shit. Keep your eyes peeled.”

I open my mouth to say something, but a group of guards enter the room. I stand, meeting Beau’s eyes. He nods at me and I turn swiftly, exiting the room. His words play in my mind. Why would Tristan, Luke and Peter just go in and beat him? I’ve known Tristan a long time; he wouldn’t just do something like that.

I’m paying no attention as I walk down the halls until I smash into Tristan’s chest. His arms go around me, and he chuckles softly. “Are you okay, Ash? You were off in a world of your own.”

I step back. I study him, and it’s hard for me to see any change. However, the very fact that he’s been off the past week is running through my mind. Could Beau be right? Is there something going on?

“Why were you in there, Tristan?” I ask. I can’t help it.

His eyes harden, but he quickly wipes the expression away. “I told you, I went in there to check and he beat on me.”

“Then you should have defended yourself and stepped out, you had no reason to put your fists on him.”

He glares at me, showing me that I’ve hit a nerve and making me believe that Beau might just be right. “He’s a big man, far bigger than me. He overpowered me. Now, I have a report to file. Are you finished?”

I narrow my eyes and then force a smile. I think I need to step away from this for now, because it’s going to put me in a difficult situation if I get involved. My eyes are peeled, though. I’ll be watching.

“I’m sorry,” I say. “I didn’t mean to jump on you. Is everything okay now?”

“No problem. Funniest thing, though,” he says, running his hands through his hair. “The security cameras went down an hour ago; technical problems. We can’t catch Beau attacking me, so there’s really not anything I can do except put a report in.”

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