By: Bella Jewel

But our bond is unbreakable.

“I don’t want him to find us,” Pippa whispers, staring at me with a frightened expression.

I cup her face in my battered hands, smiling down at her with everything I have. “I’ll never let him hurt you again, Pippi, never.”

She smiles up at me when I use my created version of her name. I’ve called her Pippi since the day she was born; I always thought it suited her better.

“Let’s go,” I encourage, taking our bag and running towards the front door.

Stepping out onto the street today seems different, it feels like there’s hope in the air, like we might actually have a chance to live and breathe again. Taking my sisters hand, we take the first step to freedom. No more foster homes, no more evil men and no more being apart.

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