Promises, Love & Baby

By: Jessica Wood

(Promises, #4)



June 2017

“Baby, to me, our love isn’t just a feeling. Our love is tangible, and I can feel it in every breath I take.”

I never really thought too much about what Jackson had meant when he’d said those words to me two months ago, on the night we’d made love and conceived the little miracle that was growing inside me. But ever since the doctor had confirmed last week that I was indeed pregnant, those words began to resonate with me. Jackson had been right. Our love was tangible and I felt it every day growing inside me.

“How did a year pass us by so quickly?” Jackson asked me as we walked along the lake that held so much history for us. I heard the awe in his voice and beamed up at him, knowing exactly what he meant and how he felt.

“Because we’re so happy,” I answered his question with a level of ease and certainty that only came from unadulterated truth. “Time flies when people are happy.”

We walked onto the bridge, hand in hand, our fingers interlaced together like they were made for the sole purpose of being intertwined together. Once we got to the middle of the bridge, I stopped. We both looked over at the red, heart-shaped lock that was secured to the railing. It was the love lock we’d placed there on the day of our high school graduation many years ago as a symbol of our unbreakable friendship, love, and promise to marry each other.

“Can you believe it’s been here for fifteen years?” he asked, voicing exactly what I had been thinking just then.

I watched him reach for the love lock, flipping it over to the side with the etched inscription:

Jax & Clo

June 2003

Unbreakable Friendship & Love.

Promise to Marry in 2014.

“I know.” I met his warm gaze and we shared a meaningful smile. “You were right, Jax.”

“I know I’m usually right,” he agreed as he flashed me his boyish grin. “But what am I right about this time?”

I couldn’t help but giggle at his playful arrogance before explaining what I’d meant. “When you’d gotten this love lock for me on our high school graduation, you had said that there was this belief that if two people locked a love lock against the railing of a bridge and then threw away the keys, it was supposed to symbolize unbreakable love.”

I paused and looked from the love lock to meet his gaze with a smile.

“I think we’ve proved that belief right. We’ve gone through so many obstacles since we put this lock here. But despite it all, our love has remained strong and unbreakable.”

His face radiated with happiness and his eyes were brimming with emotion as he held my gaze. He pulled me closer to him and lowered his face toward mine. Right before his lips met mine, he whispered. “I love you, Mrs. Pierce.” His kiss was tender yet passionate.

I let out a sigh of contentment when our lips parted. “I love you, too, Mr. Pierce.”

“So,” he began in a low, husky voice, “what is this anniversary gift that you’re so confident will be better than the one I got you?”

He raised an eyebrow and looked at me dubiously, causing me to smirk in amusement. While I’d been dying to give Jackson this gift and the huge news that came with it, I had to admit that there was a small part of me that really enjoyed watching his curiosity get the best of him.

“Ye of little faith,” I teased and shook my head as I made a tsk tsk sound with my tongue. “Mr. Pierce, you should know by now that your wife is always right.”

He chuckled lightly as he enclosed his strong, protective arms around me, allowing me to sink deep into his inviting embrace. He buried his face against the curve of my neck and I heard a deep inhale as he pulled me tighter into his fold. As I relaxed my body into his, I felt as if I could live in this moment forever.

“Mrs. Pierce,” his deep, low voice pulled me back to the surface of reality, “you should know by now that your husband is very stubborn to admit things, even when he knows his wife is right.”

I let out a giggle and rolled my eyes at him.

“So where’s my anniversary gift?” he insisted playfully.

Unable to hold back the news any longer, I reached for the small box inside my purse and handed it to him.

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