Saving Maverick

By: Debra Elise

Mav tried to ignore what looked like pity on Luke’s face. “Listen, don’t feel sorry for me, I’ve had enough of that from everyone since the accident. Besides, it was effing satisfying when Jerry realized he wasn’t dealing with some rookie ballplayer who doesn’t know a capital expenditure from depreciation. I guess the MBA I earned to please my father paid off after all.”

“Okay, so now you have no one to call, other than T.S.,” Luke pointed out. “And man, our new owner is not going to be happy with you. Bad timing, Mav, ’cause I know you want to get off the DL by the time we report to spring training.”

Mav stared at his buddy. Yeah, for starters getting off the disabled list would go a long way in putting his career and his life back in order. And not letting Luke down was a close second. Baseball had brought them together; pitcher and catcher in the beginning, then friends, and now—brothers. He needed to man up and act like this situation was fixable. No big deal.

“So, what’s your first move?” Luke asked.

“I could be wrong here, but I think this is going to blow over in a day or two. I mean, there’ve been plenty of players complaining about the move to Hicksville . . . I mean Pineville. My comments just happened to have been recorded when I wasn’t aware.”

“You mean drunk.” Luke smirked.

“Not drunk, dammit. You were there. Sure I had a few, but I was far from drunk.”

Mav stood up and began to pace the room. Who could he reach out to for help when everyone he trusted was either dead or had given up trying to get him out of the hell he’d placed himself in?

Luke moved out of his way. “Okay, maybe not shit-faced drunk, but you’d had a few. How will you handle the fact that you had a half-naked woman on your lap while you were railing against the commissioner and our joke of an ex-owner for selling the team?”

Another valid question he didn’t have an answer for. “Yeah, that’s something I’m going to have to work on.” Mav groaned and rubbed the knots from his neck. “But first I need to get some decent coffee and a hot shower. What time is it anyway?” he asked.

His entire body ached. He’d need more than a couple of aspirin to shake the hangover this time. He stood in front of the sliding glass doors and watched the heavy raindrops plop onto the lake. The storm that the local forecaster promised had arrived.

“Four thirty.” Luke answered.

“In the afternoon?” Mav turned away from the view he’d grown to enjoy since he’d been in Pineville. No answers would be found today among the white caps.

“Yeah, in the afternoon. The party’s in less than an hour.”


He’d forgotten about the event their new owner had set up to introduce his players to the city’s movers and shakers. The one bright spot of the evening would be meeting the directors of the Children’s Club. The Outlaws had chosen the organization to work with as part of their commitment to community outreach.

“Jeez, Mav. You really need a keeper. Plus, you have to come up with an explanation for T.S., the USBL . . . oh and, let’s not forget the tens of thousands of local community members who’ll be buying tickets.”

“Fuck me.”

“Thanks, but I’ll pass.” Luke grinned.

“You’re a real comedian, Luke, but right now you’re the only one still speaking to me, so help me out and call room service for some decent coffee while I shower and try to come up with a plan. Otherwise, we both might be out of a job by tomorrow.”

“Wait. What? Why would I be out of a job?” Luke asked. His Oklahoma drawl held a hint of panic.

“Because, cowboy, your mug is in the background of that video, and you’re grinning like a fool.”

Chapter 2

Kelsey Sullivan waited in the stark white executive reception area of the almost finished Idaho Outlaws’ stadium. She stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and drank in the dramatic view of the choppy surface of Lake Coeur d’Alene directly behind the newly built facility in Pineville.

It was late January and the sky was full of dark clouds ready to burst. She thought about the man whose viral tirade had brought her back to her hometown. She’d bet her last dollar that he was also ready to burst right about now. And if he wasn’t, then there’d be little hope even she could fix the mess he’d created.

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