Saving Maverick

By: Debra Elise

But could she separate the heartache of her childhood with the career challenge T.S. offered her? Seemed like Maverick’s poor choices would end up bringing her the new opportunity she’d been searching for. Kelsey looked at T.S., grateful for their friendship, and decided on the spot she was ready to take on the challenge. She’d deal with her own issues later.

She had “yes” on the tip of her tongue when he walked into the room.

Chapter 3

Maverick strode into the resort’s penthouse with a measured gait and a hooded glare. It may have been due to his reluctance to make an appearance tonight, but Kelsey guessed it had more to do with one too many drinks consumed.

“Well, speak of the devil. Your favorite troublemaker just arrived.” Kelsey said. She noted the pitcher’s shoulders were thrust back, his arms held tight against his body. Hmmm. “And, he doesn’t look too happy to be here,” she murmured.

But he did look determined and movie star gorgeous. She noted he cleaned up rather well, wearing a midnight-blue evening jacket that showed off his broad shoulders to perfection. His thick, dirty-blond hair went from buzz cut to wavy locks brushing his shoulders and back again and everywhere in between, depending on his mood. Today it was in a faux hawk, which was her favorite. She’d read that if he was on a winning streak he refused to cut his hair, so this new shorter style fit the rumors.

Much like Samson, he considered his pitching strength was directly tied to his hair. He once told a reporter about this superstition and all the players wore wigs to the next home game. The public ate it up and now the diehard fans wore blond wigs to the home games. She wondered if that would carry over to the team’s new hometown.

“Kelsey, I’d like to introduce you two as soon as possible. But I was thinking we’d give him a few moments to settle into the room. I’ll go get us a fresh drink.” T.S. left her side.

She barely registered his comment. She was too busy sizing up her new client and admiring his . . . form.

If the rumors she heard were true, Maverick’s new best friend was a bottle of whiskey. Which might explain his rigid posture tonight. Was he working off a bender? She noted he arrived solo, which was, according to the tabloids, out of character for him. His last relationship had been splashed all over social media. The ballplayer and the stripper. I’m sure his parents were so proud, Kelsey thought.

Kelsey hoped he wasn’t fighting another demon because he already came with more baggage than the team on a road trip. Add even one more issue to his list of problems and she would have to think twice about his chances of repairing his image.

T.S. returned and as she accepted a fresh drink, Maverick caught her eye. His face relaxed into a heart-stopping smile, and unfortunately it was aimed straight at her. His cornflower-blue eyes dared her to look away and he continued to gift her with his trademark lady-killer smile.

Lord have mercy, she thought. No wonder women threw themselves at this man.

Maverick held her stare and raked his gaze over her warm face. He made sure she knew he was checking her out and winked. Time stopped and all rational thought disappeared.

Not easily seduced, she prided herself on controlling any situation in which she found herself. And that included dealing with men of any form, stature, or reputation. But this man, the player she was here to “fix,” held her in thrall as he continued to slowly look down and then back up her now humming body.

Well, two could play at this game. She held herself still and controlled her rapid breathing for all she was worth. By the time his eyes settled back on her face, she had created a bored look. She hadn’t earned the nickname “Ice Princess” in college for nothing. His eyes widened at her response.

She needed to appear in control. Confident in her own skin. And Maverick Jansen didn’t need to know he’d grabbed her attention with one wicked smile. No, all that mattered was that she appeared unaffected.


A heated glance from a handsome man was not going to throw her off her game. She was here to do a job, not flirt with the man she’s supposed to help. She turned her attention back to T.S. “Does he know your plan?”

“Not yet,” T.S. answered. “I was going to give him tonight to stew about what I’m going to say. I want to see how he reacts here, in front of the hometown crowd first. See if he can hold it together. Tomorrow, I’ll drop the bomb.”

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