Saving Maverick

By: Debra Elise

She pulled her favorite baseball player into her and made one last demand. One she knew he wouldn’t mind following through on.

“Clothes. Off. Now.”


Unlike a majority of authors, I did not always want to be a writer. However, I’ve always been a voracious romance reader. My mother gave me my first Silhouette romance at fourteen and I was immediately hooked. It wasn’t until a chance meeting with author Rebecca Zanetti several years ago opened my eyes to the possibilities of becoming a published romance author. She encouraged me to write a book, “it’s fun!” Thank you Rebecca. You set the standard I aspire to reach in this industry.

And a HUGE thank you to my favorite ‘red hot romance’ author and friend, Cathryn Cade. If not for her, SAVING MAVERICK would not have been ready for prime time. Thank you as well to my RWA chapter-mates from the Inland Empire Chapter for cheering me on, especially when I received yet another rejection. I also want to thank Mary Buchman. An accomplished author herself, she gives back to the writing community as both an instructor and non-fiction author on the craft of writing and has been such an inspiration to me.

To my editor, Meredith Rich, and the team at Bloomsbury Spark for taking a chance on this debut author’s sports romance set in Idaho of all places!

And finally to Ed and Nancy Goodwin for their love, encouragement and hours of watching the grandkids so I could write.

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