Silver Lining (Silver Cove Book 1)

By: Jill Sanders


Sarah has always been torn between two worlds. The carefree, easy-going world of her hippie mom, where life is all about helping others and building good karma, and the real world, with real responsibilities, like paying bills, and getting to work on time… Values obviously gleaned from dad’s side of the family.

She has nothing but fond memories of her father. He was always there for her, and clearly loved her mother more than she even thought possible, despite mom’s overtly eccentric behavior. Losing dad was tough, but now she’s been reduced to being the girl with the crazy mom. A reputation that’s not likely to increase her chances of landing her dream promotion at the resort across the bay where she works. Especially with the new competition. Ben is an attractive, sophisticated, and savvy business-man, clearly there to destroy her chances of getting the job. Her luck couldn’t be worse.

With an obvious attraction and closeness forming between the two, Sarah discovers that Ben’s motives may not be as clear as she first thought. What’s he really doing there? Is she being played?


Benjamin Rothschild has come to the popular upscale resort strictly for business. Under the assumption he’s there to evaluate Sarah for a new position, he can’t help being drawn in by her sensual charm and free-spirited nature. But, for some reason this passionate beauty has it out for him. What has he ever done to her?

With so much confusion and something obviously lost in the translation, he’ll have to do everything in his power to convince her that his intentions for her are true.

Silver Lining


Jill Sanders

Chapter One

There was no way he was going to have enough time to get everything done and catch the five o’clock train from Boston heading north. Ben glanced around the empty office building and felt like banging his head against a wall. Instead, he laid his forehead on the cool wood of his desk and groaned a little. For the past two days he’d been fighting off a cold, which had caused his work to slip and fall behind.

He would have had time to play catch up that weekend, if his boss hadn’t called shortly before he’d left yesterday, with a surprise. He’d been informed that he'd be spending the weekend and possibly longer up north. Evaluating an employee for a potential raise. Sure, it was something he did, but this time, he’d almost begged to have the task handed off to someone else.

His boss had been determined enough that he’d known there was no possible way of getting out of the trip. So he’d worked late yesterday and had also worked through his lunch break today just to catch up.

Raising his head, he glanced at the clock and frowned. He had less than ten minutes to make it out of the building and to the train station. There was no way. Not unless he ran, and with his head already pounding, he doubted he could stomach it.

Closing down his computer, he flipped off his light and thought about sitting at the station to wait for the next train. Which would mean, almost three hours of complete misery, waiting. Not to mention it would put him behind schedule, once more.

He shivered as he stepped outside. Wrapping his coat tight around him, he decided to chance it and started walking at a very fast pace.

How had his life come to this? He’d been on his way in school to becoming one of the finest minds in his class. He’d been valedictorian and voted by his classmates, most likely to be a billionaire by thirty. Now, here he was with less than three years to go, still working for someone else.

He stopped at the corner and wipe his nose on his sleeve. His vision was turning a little gray, so he unbuttoned his jacket to allow the cold spring air to wake him up. Shivering, he started walking again as he glanced down at his watch. Four minutes until the train.

Picking up the pace, he jogged the last two blocks. When he flashed his transit card and checked out the board, he was happily surprised to see that the train to Freeport, Maine had been delayed by three minutes. Glancing down, he smiled. For the first time all week, something had finally gone his way.

Five minutes later, he settled in a seat facing forward and sighed. His body was shivering almost beyond his control and even rubbing his hands up and down his arms did little to warm him.

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