Sinfully Sexy Alphas Box Set

By: Daphne Davis

Two ~ Max

I stood on the front porch of my cabin. Calling it a cabin was a bit of a stretch of course. It was a mansion. A rustic mansion but a mansion all the same.

With raw timber and stone forming high arches, it was an incredible example of the sort of craftsmanship that hadn't been seen in well over three hundred years. Even for it's time, it was remarkable. The wood was hand planed, carved and joisted. The stone, hewn one chip at a time. The hand blown glass thick and softly wavy.

It had been my home for almost three hundred years and I loved it.

But today it felt like a prison.

Today, I could feel the change coming.

Deliberately isolated, the house and proximity to Yellow Stone was all there to keep other safe.

From me.

For all my culture, ideals and learning, I had no doubt of what I was.

What I am.

A monster.

A well read monster with good intentions, and better manners, yes. But that did little to change the horrifying beast that I turned into when the moon was full. The beast who owned me. Who I had no control over. Nor had my father, or his father before him for thousands of years.

Maybe even a millennium.

Our people were known as Bears. Regal, imperious, undefeated in the Shifter Kingdom.

There were less of us now. The modern age had made it harder to hide. Harder to find a mate.

My stomach clenched. To have someone to share this with- my wealth, the magic that kept us and our mates alive for so long, the horror of waking up with blood on my hands. Yes, even sharing that would be a welcome relief.

If I could find someone who could love both man and beast...

I snorted. It was unlikely. Maybe in my father's day. He'd found an unsophisticated farm girl to love. My mother had grown up with myths and superstitions. Over time, her fierce intelligence had developed but in that first blush of love- she'd been less surprised by the truth than a modern woman would be.

You see, back then they knew the monsters were real.

How funny to think that a girl who'd travelled less than ten miles in the first twenty years of her life would know more than a PhD...


Three ~ Cassie

I woke up suddenly, reaching instinctively for my lantern. It would make it obvious where I was but it was better than staring fruitlessly into the darkness. That's what I told myself anyway.

Something had woken me. But what?

I tensed, hearing a loud rumbling.

Something big was moving just outside my camp.

I'd set up my tent in a clearing far from the path. Truthfully, I'd been more concerned about human predators than animals ones. But the noises that were coming from the bushes rapidly me convinced I had been wrong. I should have been focused on the wild life after all.

I was pretty sure I was about to encounter something big. Not human. Probably a meat eater.

It had to be a bear.

A very, very, very big bear.

And if it saw me, it very well might eat me.


I unzipped my tent and stared around frantically. There was a tree not far from my tent. Maybe I could climb it?

But bears could climb too.

Couldn't they?

The noises got louder.

Hell with it.

I darted barefoot across the clearing for the tree. I could hear the animal getting closer. It sounded like ten animals.

Elephants maybe.

The rough bark of the tree scraped my skin as I climbed up it. I was moving fast. Faster than a big girl could usually move.

If only Suzy could see me now. Suzy was a perky blond that I'd blown my Christmas bonus on. She was the personal trainer I'd hired back in New York to whip me into shape. She'd been tougher than a damn drill sergeant.

I was on the verge of hysterical laughter as I heard her voice in my head.

"Again! Squeeze those buns or no one else will want to!"

I did laugh then, out of relief. I'd finally found a branch that was big enough to perch on. I looked down, realizing I was ten feet off the ground.

Camping was not for the faint of heart.

Or the faint of bladder.

Right now I was about to pee myself.

But I was also pretty damn proud of myself for getting up this high. Who knew I could climb so damn fast? Or so high?

A better question might be, how the hell was I going to get back down again?

And then all thoughts left my mind.

Something was in the clearing.

A very, very big something. I couldn’t see it clearly but something about it was strange. Off somehow.

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