Sinfully Sexy Alphas Box Set

By: Daphne Davis


It leaned over my tent for a while making snuffling noises. I leaned forward slightly, curiosity getting the better of me. What was it doing?

Oh my god.

It was sniffing the fabric of the tent.

And... licking it.

After a while it seemed to get inpatient and started batting at the top of the tent with its paw. With a loud roar it tore the top of the tent open and dove inside. My eyes were adjusting to the dark so I saw it when it stood up, cradling my sleeping bag like a baby.

I saw it.

I wished I hadn’t.

Every fiber of my being wanted to reject what it was seeing. But I knew, this was no dream. I was seeing something that was not normal. Alien. But not from outer space.

No, it was just...


'It' was not human. 'It' was not a bear. 'It' was something in between.

Towering over the campsite, it stood over sixteen feet high. It's legs looked human but it's broad shoulders and arms were pure bear.

If a bear swallowed radioactive growth hormones. Or was mutated with dinosaur DNA. Or a laser beam from an advanced civilization.

It's neck was probably as wide as I was tall. It's face ended in a snout. But the eyes... dear god, the eyes were human.

And they were staring right at me.

It walked forward and tilted it's monstrous head, peering at me. I thought I was hidden by the foliage but no, he saw right through me.

Something about the way he was looking at me made me 10,000% sure he was male.


One million percent.

I whimpered, trying to scoot backwards up the tree as he reached for me. His hand was not that of an animal. The fingers were long, elegant, and tipped with six inch talons.

I felt them scrape against my legs.

Why hadn't I worn my jeans to bed?

Why did I take this job?

Why didn't I spray more coyote piss everywhere?

As if wolf or coyote piss would do anything to deter something this size... hell, I doubted that this thing would be scared of a killer whale.

Or a tank.

I was blubbering as it's hand closed over my ankle and pulled me from the tree. It held me up high in the air, upside down, and stared at me. It's huge gold eyes blinked once.


And then it opened it's mouth.

The last thing I remembered was the scrape of it's tongue against my throat.

The monster was licking me.


Four ~ Max

It was always disorienting to come back to myself after the change. My body ached, my mind still more animal than human. My senses, hyper sensitive.

That’s what made me realize it before I was even fully awake.

I wasn’t alone.

Someone was here with me.

Someone who smelled delicious.

My eyelids were heavy as I forced them open. I was in the cave under my house. It was a secret entrance, a lair, for the beast.

This at least, was one thing I could count on.

I would come here unerringly after the change.

But this time, I'd brought someone with me.

I inhaled sharply.

A woman.

My eyes opened with a snap.

There- in the corner. A figure was huddled up, staring at me in fright.

I'd been right. It was a woman.

And what a woman she was.

Bright copper colored hair. I could see it, even in the dim light of the cave. Huge bright blue-green colored eyes stared back at me. Generously proportioned curves. She was all woman, whoever she was.

More importantly, she smelled delicious.

She was alive thank God. But how? Anyone who encountered the beast during the change had next to zero chances of survival. Unless...

Unless she was the one.

My mate.

If she was my mate... even the beast wouldn't hurt her.

I stood, my muscles creaking in protest. There was quite a lot of physical discomfort involved in the change. Not that I ever complained about that.

I didn’t have anyone to complain to.

I stepped towards her and she flinched. Her scent was getting stronger with each breath. Lust roared through my veins, sending my cock shooting straight up towards my belly.

Maybe it was her. At last.

I certainly didn’t react this way to the women I’d encountered in my lifetime.

Not even close.

I smiled and held out my hand.

"Come. Let's get you cleaned up."

She shook her head vehemently and I frowned. I was an alpha. Nobody could turn down a direct request.

And this was no request.

It was a demand.

"Are you injured?"

Her pretty lips opened but she hesitated.

"I- no, I'm fine."

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