Sinfully Sexy Alphas Box Set

By: Daphne Davis

Turn the page for an excerpt of Viking Thrall!

Esme is left behind when the Viking marauders appear in their sleepy village. She hopes to bargain with them, a cask of fine wine for the safety of the orphans she watches over. But once the Viking's fierce leader sets eyes on her, his intentions are plain.

Magnus cannot believe his sight. The cantankerous woman he's been arguing with through the stone wall turns out to be the fairest creature he has ever seen. He resolves to have her, then and there. He doesn't realize that convincing her will be another matter altogether. With one word, he protects her and seals her fate...


Read Viking Thrall here! Excerpt below:

Esme was feeling decidedly drowsy after the hot bath and strong wine. Never mind that her day had begun being tossed about in a storm, dragged across an unknown countryside and then spanked like a child. She was tired. Almost too tired to keep her wits about her.

But she must.

The Viking sat in a large chair by the fire and patted his lap. He looked like a King. He was probably considered to be that among his people. She chewed her lip, unsure what to do.

"Come thrall. I would begin."

"Begin what?"

"Begin our bargain. Remember, you agreed to be obedient."

She had agreed. That was before she realized that she truly had no choice in the matter. But if he was going to keep his word, she would keep hers.

"You'll keep your promise?"

She hated the weak and hopeful sound of her voice. She sounded like a child, whining for a treat. But in truth she knew that she herself was the treat, as much as she would that it not be so!

"I said I would and I meant it! Now come."

Esme jumped at the harsh tone and scurried forward. She must be brave. She must...

He patted his large thigh again and she sat on it, even though it made her backside ache.

"Does it pain you?"

She nodded.

"Aye, a little."

"Lean against me then. 'Twill help."

She let him guide her upper body so that she leaned against him, her head resting on his thick shoulder. It would have made a fine pillow, if he were her husband or brother or father. But as it was, she found herself unable to relax against him completely.

"You must learn to be at ease with me Esme. If you are to please me."

She pulled her head back to look at him.

"But what if I can't? Will you let me go?"

His pale eyes shone down at her in the firelight. His hand stroked her face reverently. For a moment she almost thought-

"Nay. That I will never do."

He was firm and decisive in his response. She knew that he meant it. He would not release her. She felt utterly defeated in that moment, dropping her head in despair.

He lowered his head, whispering in a teasing manner.

"Most often a slave who displeases her master is punished or sold off at a low price, showing her lack of value."

Esme stiffed up. She did not want to belong to anyone! But this Viking had his good points at least. He was handsome, aye, but it was more than that. She sensed that he did not want to harm her.

But he did want to bed her.

She sighed.

How long could she fight him? Already she was losing her strength of will. And the long slow strokes along her back were starting to relax her at last.

"I'm afraid that I will not please you. Then you will sell me off. Perhaps you should just do that now."

He laughed and continued touching her with the softest touch.

"You will please me. See? You already are."

"What does this have to do with serving you?"

He adjusted her on his lap so that she came into contact with his shaft. It was hard as a rock and pressing against her with a smoldering heat that should have singed her, but didn't. She gasped and tried to pull away but he held her firm.

"Now we will begin your first lesson in pleasing me thrall."

"But you said you wouldn't force me!"

"And I won't. Ere long you will beg me to take you."

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and waited, fear bringing her body to life.

"Will you torture me then?"

He leaned down and nipped her ear before whispering low.

"Aye... a most gentle torture..."

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