Sinfully Sexy Alphas Box Set

By: Daphne Davis

Then she licked her lips.


I was staring at her lips, unable to stop thinking about how good they would feel closed around my shaft.


My voice was throaty as I answered her, unable to tear my eyes from those soft pink lips.

"My name. It's Cassie."

And then she reached out and touched me.


Oh god!

Her fingertips glided over me experimentally. And then before I knew it she was on her knees facing me. Was I doing this to her? Was I using alpha persuasion to get her to do what I wanted?

Because this was exactly what I wanted.

As her lips closed over the tip of my cock I found I didn't care.

Slowly she explored my shaft, her fingers stroking the base as she nursed the tip with her clever little pointed tongue. Her mouth felt like hot wet silk. But better.

Much, much better.

I groaned and gripped the edge of the countertop. The stone felt cool under my hands. But everywhere else, I was burning up.

Almost the way I did before the change.

She slid her head down, further enveloping my rod. I was gasping for air by the time she started bobbing her gorgeous red head up and down on my shaft. I'd never felt anything like it.

I doubted anyone ever had.

Something special happens when an Alpha meets their mate. My grandfather had described it as euphoria. A deep and immediate sexual bond. But words did not describe this.

I wanted her. Now. And not like this.

"Wait- you're going to-"

She didn't stop. Her head worked my shaft faster now. I couldn't stop myself as my cock heaved inside her soft lips. I jetted my seed down her throat.

Greedily she swallowed each drop as if it were ambrosia.

The moment I was spent I lifted her up and plopped that juicy bottom of hers on the countertop.

"Now it's my turn."


Seven ~ Cassie

"What are you doing?"

I gasped as Max yanked my jogging pants off. For the first time I was grateful that I hadn't slept in jeans. That would have delayed the moment that his tongue found my cleft by an entire minute or two.

"Oh god!"

I did not know what was happening. Or why. I just knew it felt incredible.

I had never wanted anything as badly as I'd wanted his cock in my mouth. Or his tongue on my pussy. Or his rod inside me.

Right freaking now.

"Hurry- I want-"

He answered me but the sound was muffled. I felt his cock against my calf. It was hard again. It felt so good. Not as good as his tongue but-


He was tracing the outside of my lips, dinging my clit and then pushing his tongue inside me. Over and over. He varied it slightly now, plunging his tongue inside me several times before returning to his more leisurely exploration. He was teasing me somehow. He was bringing me right to the brink and then backing off.


He moaned and gave me what I wanted. His tongue fucked my hole while his fingers danced above, strumming my clit. It took less than a minute for my body to start shaking.

Another minute and I felt like I was in outer space. Weightless. Full of light.

I opened my eyes to see him busily munching my box, holding me in the air. 'I was weightless' I thought. Right before another orgasm tore through my body like tsunami.

"Oh god! Stop! Please!"

I was shuddering when he lay me back down. This time on my stomach. The granite countertop kissed my belly as I felt him push his bare cock up and inside me. He was too big though. He barely got more than a few inches inside me.

Then he stopped and reached down.

"Oh god! Yes!"

His fingers circled on my clit sending my body into a fresh set of tremors. The next thing I knew, he had slipped another few inches inside. He continued working my clit as he eased forward, orgasm by orgasm, inch by inch.

Finally he was inside me. We both held our breath for a moment, neither of us moving. And then I clamped down on him in a massive orgasm that squeezed his cock for all it was worth.

He groaned and started to slide his shaft in and out of me. He started slowly, gliding home with a fluid motion. After a while he picked up the pace until he was pounding me from behind on kitchen counter.

And I was loving every freaking minute of it.

I had lost count of how many orgasms I had when I heard him chuffing behind me. His cock swelled and he slammed into me, hard, shooting his load deep inside my womb.

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