Sinfully Sexy Alphas Box Set

By: Daphne Davis


I'd just had mind blowing sex with a stranger.

Mind blowing, unprotected sex.


My body was still quivering with aftershocks as he drove home a few more times. Almost as if he were deliberately trying to impregnate me. He stood still, holding his cock deep inside me. Electric currents seemed to leap between us. His cock was literally shocking me with mini orgasms.


Still he didn't pull out.

His hands flexed on my hips and for the first time I felt self conscious about the size of my ass. He moaned and gripped both my cheeks, kneading them like dough.

"My god Cassie..."

That's when I felt it.

Max was hard again.


Eight- Max

"Don't move."

I grunted as I started circling my hips into the warm, tight, silkiness that was Cassie's sex. Cassie didn't suit her though.


I would have bet anything that was her name.

She gasped as an orgasm ripped through her, causing her to bear down on my shaft. I grimaced at the exquisite pressure. It was almost too much.

I moaned and started to ride her in earnest. She was whimpering beneath me, her hips bucking up and back to meet my thrusts. She was mindless, an animal.

As was I.

With each piston of my hips I grew wilder. I felt my muscles ripple, as they did during the change. I stared down at my hands which were starting to change, elongate.

I knew that unless I finished quickly, things might get out of hand.

And all I wanted to do was mate her. Seed her. Breed her.

I grabbed her waist and bounced her feminine globes against my hips. Faster. Faster. Faster.

And then my whole body froze as my cock jumped inside her. Spurt after spurt erupted from my shaft with tremendous force. I held her firm as she bucked against me, only drawing my seed deeper inside her.

I refused to move until I knew we were both spent. Then I slowly pulled away, kissing her rump as I withdrew.

She turned slowly and I took her wrist, kissing the smooth skin on the back of her hand.

"What would you like to do now? Shower? Or eat?"

She blinked at me, her eyes lovely and large and completely dazed.

I smiled and lifted her into my arms.

"Yes, I agree. Let's clean up. Then I will feed you until you are satisfied."

She made a sound that sounded like a half laugh, half whimper. I just smiled and nodded as I carried her up the grand staircase to the master bath.

I knew exactly how she felt.


Nine ~ Cassie

I stood in the enormous glass enclosed shower, letting the water wash over me. Every inch of my skin was tingling. I was raw, over stimulated.

I'd never felt more alive.

It had everything to do with the man standing next to me. Max was soaping up his magnificent body. He caught me looking and smiled at me wolfishly.

"Want me to do you?"

My mouth dropped open slightly. But he was holding up a washcloth and soap. I nodded and turned. There was no point in shyness now. Normally I was careful to hide my naked body from any lovers. Sure they all loved my tits, but no one really wanted to see stomach rolls or cellulite.

None of this seemed to matter to Max though.

He'd seen every inch of me and oddly enough, he seemed to like it.

He seemed to like it a lot.

Had I hit the jackpot? Or was in the mansion of a mad man?

Or both?

His hands felt amazing on my back as he washed me. He got distracted by my hips and bottom and lathered me there. Then his hands slipped forward to massage soap into my breasts.

"Hmmmm... you are so gorgeous... Cassandra."

I stiffened at his use of my name. I hadn't told him that, had I? And then I felt his erection poking me in the back. Not my lower back. No, Max was so tall and his dick was so big that his hard on was poking me in my middle back.

Jesus Christ was he serious?

His hands were on my tits, teasing the nipples into hard points. I couldn't help but arch my back, bringing my rump against him. He dipped so that his cock slid up and down my crack.

Surely he didn't want to-

Oh god.

"I'm turning into a prune."

"Hmmm... not yet. I want to-"

It was hard but I forced myself to step away. Out of the shower. I really did feel like I might faint from the heat.

He was right behind me, handing me a towel. Then he dried me off.

Then he lifted me up and carried me to the bed.

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