Sinfully Sexy Alphas Box Set

By: Daphne Davis

"Max- I really should go. This has been fun and all but I am on an assignment."

He nodded and smiled at me, then he leaned over and pulled one of my nipples into his mouth. Back and forth he went, flicking his tongue against the hardened nubs.

"I want you to stay."

His fingers started to explore my slit, gently stroking the already slick folds. I couldn't hide my attraction to him, even if I wanted to. I moaned and tried to talk sense into him.

Into both of us.

"Listen, I should really go."

"It's getting dark out. At least let me feed you, and you can stay the night. Is that really so much to ask?"

I gasped as he softly teased my clit. He did have a point. I couldn't find my voice so I nodded my agreement. Max grinned, his amber eyes warm as he looked up and down my nude body.

"Excellent. I will make you a steak. After."

"Oh- okay- oh my GOD!"

His fingers were working together now- one sliding in and out of my tender hole, while the other circled rapidly against my clit. I was close to coming again in seconds.

What kind of power did this man have over me?

I started to peak and he moved his hands away, replacing them with his greedy mouth. Again he brought me to the brink and again he stopped. And again.

I was begging him for mercy, for release as he played with me for an hour or more. It was so cruel, so frustrating and yet so erotic that I was near tears by the time he started to rub the tip of his cock against my swollen pussy lips.

"Please Max."

He stared down at me, his eyes seeming to glow in the fading light. Idly, he dragged his head up and down my slit. I whimpered, reaching for him but he caught my hands.

“Say you’ll stay.”

His voice was barely audible as he whispered to me.

"I don't want you to leave."

He was teasing me to get me to agree to do what he wanted! It annoyed the hell out of me. And yet... it was working.

“Okay... for how long?”

He smiled at me in the darkness. The look on his face was triumphant. Possessive.



And then he plunged forward, impaling me, making me scream with the force of my orgasm. For another hour he fucked me, extending the time between peaks endlessly, using his hands to enhance the incredible feeling of his cock inside me. He took me from above, behind and finally with both of us on our sides.

It was late when I felt his cock start to swell inside me. We both convulsed, shaking the bed with the blast that erupted with his semen. Again and again he pumped his cum deep inside me. It seemed like it would never end.

Finally he stilled and I fell asleep with his shaft still embedded in my flesh.


Ten ~ Max

I rolled over, reaching for the warm and willing woman I'd been enjoying all night.

Not just any woman.

The woman.

My woman.

I was wide awake the moment my hand encountered cool sheets. Emptiness. She was gone. I inhaled sharply, getting traces of her delectable scent everywhere. But the warm pulsating scent I got when she was near- that was gone.

She was gone.

I stood and grabbed some clothes. Pulling them on felt alien at first. After all, I hadn't bothered to get dressed after the change, or in between sessions with Cassandra.

For a moment, I realized I had been only partially back to my normal, human self. But not completely. Somehow, with her, I had been able to bridge the gap between man and beast.

A tremendous sense of loss was overtaking me. For her physical presence, for the promise of the future and for that fragile state of balance she had allowed me to exist in.

I tilted my head, listening to the house. It was empty. I could hear better than any man, and better than most dogs. It could be quite annoying at times. But right now, I was grateful for it.


Outside. A rustling. I stared out the window and saw a shadow on the forest floor. The dawn was just beginning to light the sky. I ran through the house barefoot, moving quickly. The moment I stepped outside the door, I realized something else.

I realized that Cassandra was not alone in the forest.

I realized that someone else was there.

No, something.

Something like me.

The sound of her voice carried through the dense trees suddenly. She had cried out in fear and surprise. With a roar I felt myself changing as I leapt forward, my paws eating the ground with astonishing speed.

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