Sinfully Sexy Alphas Box Set

By: Daphne Davis

Someone had threatened my mate.

There would be blood spilled tonight. With my last human thought, I prayed that it not be hers.


Eleven ~ Cassie

I was already regretting leaving Max's house when I saw it. Not just because it was warm and safe. Not just because I was hungry.

It was because I wanted to know more about him.

This strange beautiful man that I was starting to realize I was halfway in love with.

But how was that possible? I was a practical, sensible girl. I'd rarely, if ever, been swept off my feet.

This was different somehow. This was almost... like magic.

I snorted and shook my head.

And froze.

A monster was staring at me. It stood in the shadows just ahead. For a moment it looked as surprised as me.

And then it smiled.

I screamed and turned to run. I felt it's hand close around my waist before I'd taken two steps. And then I heard an unearthly roar.

Coming from the other direction.

There were two of them.

And I was right between them.

Dear god, what had I gotten myself into?

I was about to get torn apart and there was nothing I could do about it. At least I'd had mind blowing sex on my last night on earth. It was a small comfort but I decided to cling to it.

Oh why why why hadn't I stayed in that soft warm bed?

Because Max had freaked me out, that's why. Now, when it was too late to lie to myself, I could finally admit it.

His acceptance and desire for my imperfect body had freaked me out. He was supposed to like me despite my chubby stature, not because of it.

But Max had liked every bit of me, just the way I was. Who cares if I barely knew him? I knew in my gut that he was a good guy. I knew that he wasn't going to cut and run.

No, I'd done that.

And now I would never get to see him again.

I'd never get to tell him how much I liked him. Even if he was a little high handed. And prone to nudity. I liked him anyway.

My hands gripped the furry paws on the creature who held me in it's grip. It roared in answer to the other beast and then turned and ran.

In the other direction.

For a split second I thought maybe, just maybe it would drop me.

No such luck.

I couldn't see the monster in the dim light but I could smell it. It wasn't as big as the bear-like thing I'd seen the night before. It was more cat like somehow. But still, at ten feet tall, it was clearly not an ordinary animal. I heard it snarl as the other creature caught up to us.

And then I was flying through the air.

I hit a tree and held on.

But it was too late. I started to fall. I felt my arm break as I hit a branch and started to shriek. That's when I bumped my head on the ground.

Then I slid into darkness.


Twelve ~ Max

I attacked the interloper. I could smell the fear on its pelt as it turned, flinging my woman into the trees. I roared my anger and slashed at it with my claws.

I'd never fought one of my kind before. But that wasn't the only thing that was different this time. For one thing, I was more aware of what was happening than during the change that happened with the full moon.

For another thing, I was acutely aware that Cassandra was in danger.

There. A human word.

A name.


I held onto that thought as I drove the creature further and further back into the forest. I injured it, but at the last minute decided not to kill it. Perhaps it too had been drawn by her scent. Perhaps it too had been driven by lust.

It whimpered in fear and supplication and I had an altogether human emotion: mercy.

I stood over it and stared down at it.

Even in my animal state I knew that it was like me: half man and half something else. A mountain lion from the looks of it. I'd never smelled that particular scent before. I didn't like it.

I growled but made no move to attack it further. Slowly it edged away from me, finally turning tail and running blindly into the dark woods. I waited until I could smell it no more.

Then I ran back for my woman.

I was changing as I ran so that by the time I found her I was once again human.

Well, mostly.

I lifted her up and sniffed her. She was injured. Being around me could extend her life and speed up healing. But it couldn't prevent it entirely. I kissed her forehead, feeling my teeth shrinking back from sharp fangs that pressed against the inside of my lips.

It was odd, but I'd never experienced the change while aware. I'd never changed at will like this before. It was exciting and fascinating all at once.

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