Snow Bound

By: Dani Wade

“I tried to tell myself it wasn’t what I wanted. That the need would die if I simply stayed away.” His lips twisted. “You can see how long that argument lasted.”

“I thought you weren’t the marrying type?”

“Clichéd as it is, I apparently hadn’t found the right woman yet.” He came forward one careful step at a time until her breasts barely grazed the front of his shirt. One long finger rose to trace the sloping neckline of her sweater. Back and forth, his skin brushed against hers, raising gooseflesh along with anticipation. “But then I found a woman who is sexy and sassy, who stands up for herself and doesn’t let what anybody else thinks change who she is. But most of all…”

Her voice was husky and hesitant as she asked, “What?”

“She wears a thong under her formal princess dress.”

Their laughter mingled in the silence of the store, encroaching dusk darkening the rooms around them. “So,” he asked, “will you give me a chance to prove I can be a one-woman kind of man?”

“On one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“That you understand, if you don’t prove to be a one-woman kind of man, I’ll have to take a heavy flashlight to your noggin.”

He pulled her close, the steel of his erection trapped between them. His mouth brushed against the sensitive skin of her neck. “Well, I’ve always loved a woman with a weapon.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“And now, Victoria Jane, I have a fantasy I simply have to see in action.”

She swallowed hard as his hands slid under the hem of her sweater. “What’s that?”

“You, me, and that gorgeous staircase over there. What do you say?”

With a short reach of her arm, she flicked the lights off. Slipping past him, she sauntered around the counter, locked the door, and strolled toward the center of the downstairs floor where the black wrought-iron staircase with its gleaming wood steps was protected from sight of the front windows by a series of bookcases. Ever so slowly she peeled her sweater set off, then her bra, watching as his gaze devoured her naked skin. Her fingers found the button on her skirt, popped it, then paused at the top of the zipper.

“Did I mention—” she waited until his hungry eyes raised to her face—“that my thong today is pink?”

The End

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