Sold To The Sheikh Bidder

By: Holly Rayner

Jacqui laughed and applauded with each new volley of fireworks, and Khizar watched her. Towards what he knew was going to be the grand finale, he leaned toward her and said low in her ear, “This show is special, and it is just for you, since you’re the only one who can answer that question.”

Jacqui glanced at him. “What question?”

Khizar pointed up at the sky again and Jacqui turned to see the words “Jacqui, will you marry me?” written in in dazzling letters in the night sky. She sucked in a breath and turned back to find Khizar kneeling on the blanket with a black velvet box open in his hand.

One hand flew to her mouth and Khizar could see the joy on her face, even though she had tears in her eyes.

“Jacqui, the last month has been the happiest of my life. Will you make the rest of my life just as happy, and be my wife?”

She nodded vigorously, unable to speak, and held her left hand out. Khizar slipped the custom-made diamond ring on her finger, and then found himself holding her as she flung her arms around his neck.

“Yes. Yes, of course I will,” Jacqui spoke through tears as she finally answered.

Khizar held her, unexpectedly affected by her emotion. She sounded so happy. And the look on her face… It was joy like he’d never seen.

Suddenly, he felt terrible. A pit opened up in his stomach and he wished that he’d never heard of Bill Bauer’s diamond, because this stunning woman deserved better.

Jacqui pulled back just a bit, and then leaned in to kiss him, hands on either side of his face. Khizar had planned on avoiding such physical contact tonight, past a few kisses, but the touch of her lips on his sparked a fire he didn’t know existed.

He nudged her mouth open and plundered it with his tongue. She welcomed him, pressing her body against his and sliding her hands down his back.

Khizar put one hand on her neck, pulling her as close as he could. The other hand traced her skin, fingertips brushing across her neck and arms. He wanted to touch more of her, wanted to taste her.

He kissed a trail down her neck, thrilling at her quick intake of breath as he dipped his tongue just below the neckline of her dress. He kissed his way back up, lingering over her shoulder, pulling the strap of her dress aside so he could taste the skin there, too.

Jacqui pulled at his jacket, sliding it off his shoulders. With trembling hands, she unbuttoned his shirt so that she could touch him. Khizar hadn’t known that he could want someone’s touch so much, and he held himself still, barely breathing, while she caressed him.

She looked at him and smiled brilliantly, and Khizar caught his breath at the expression in her eyes. He let go of everything else, and kissed her deeply, laying her down on the blanket, losing himself in the moment.

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