Susie's Story (Haunted From Without - Book Two)


: A Mystery & Detective Paranormal Action & Adventure Medical Thriller Conspiracy

Chapter 25

Please note: This is the 2nd Book in the series 'Haunted From Without'. The story below continues on directly from where 'Haunted From Without-Book One' finished, which is currently FREE! If you have not already read Book One, please return to Amazon to find details.

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August 13th

2 p.m.

Peter had almost forgotten that it was Saturday. He was just about to jump back in the car and drive over to the Royal Infirmary and try to meet his friend, Dr Jamieson, when he realised there would be no point. He wouldn't there.

Dr Jamieson was the Nephrology Consultant in the Renal Unit that had saved Peter's life two years ago. As Peter had been one of the first patients in the world to undergo a revolutionary new stem cell treatment following the kidney transplants he had received, they still met on a regular basis to monitor his progress and continued recovery. But in the years that had followed the operation, they had formed a mutual bond of respect, and had become good friends. They often met for a coffee, to chat, and to pass the time of day, and were frequent visitors to each other's houses for dinner.

Peter had the doctor's private mobile number, and he knew he was always welcome to call it any time he needed.

This was one such occasion.

The doctor answered on the tenth ring. Peter said hello.

"Peter, hi, what a nice surprise!" the consultant replied. "I'm just in the garden doing a spot of weeding. It's a wonderful day, isn't it! How are you? Is everything okay?"

"Absolutely. Everything's fine! Do you have a few minutes?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"I need your advice. It's not something I can go into in great detail on the phone, but I can promise to tell you everything in a few weeks time. I just need to ask you a quick question. What I'm about to ask you may sound weird, but please, go with me on this one. I just want you to give me a 'yes' or 'no'. "

"Sounds intriguing. Tell me the question first, and then we'll take it from there."

"I have a box of a drug called Dianzapol in my lap. If I told you there were several very good reasons why I am considering taking the drug, please don't ask me what they are. You know I hate taking drugs, and that the last thing I would do would be to take anything unless I needed to. But right now, . . . don't ask why . . . and I mean don't . . . I am going to take some of this drug. What I need to know from you, is, will it be dangerous for me to take it? Will the drug interact with the other medication I am taking now? Could it be dangerous for me to take?"

"Peter, you're right. This is quite weird. And yes, I want to know exactly why you are asking me this question, but since it's you and I know you inside out, -literally-, I'll get an answer for you. But I need half an hour. I have to go and look it up, and check it out."

"That would be brilliant. Actually, since you're going to look it up, can you do a bit more digging for me. Can you find out what the history of the drug is? When it got its licence and was released for general consumption? What are it's known side effects? Who discovered and developed the drug and owns it now?"

"Is that all?"

"Yes. Can I call you back in thirty minutes?"

"No." The doctor answered. "If I'm going to do this for you, I want you to be here in front of me when I can give you the answer, so that we can discuss this business about you taking the drug a little more. Can you come round to mine for a drink? I'll give you your answer face to face, or not at all."

"Okay," Peter agreed. "I'm on my way."


Ravelston Dykes


1 p.m.

Doctor Jamieson lived up in the exclusive Ravelston Dykes area of Edinburgh, a beautiful, tree lined area of spacious, Victorian housing. Since moving to Scotland from Jamaica many years ago, he had slowly been making his way up through the world. In Edinburgh, this was almost as good as it got, and was one of the most sought after addresses in the city.


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