Sweet Escape

By: Arabella Quinn

The Billionaire's Son 5

Derek clutched my hand firmly as he led me through the near pitch-black woods towards his car. The long cape I wore kept getting snagged on brambles, but at least it kept the chill off my naked body. I shuddered as I thought about the insane situation I had stumbled into and the horrific trauma I had so narrowly escaped.

As it was, I had just had sex with Derek in front of a group of ghoulishly costumed men who were moments earlier about to gang rape me. If Derek hadn't shown up and 'claimed' me, things would be much different right now.

My head spun with confusion. What exactly was going on at the Vaughn estate? And what was Derek's role in all of this?

Derek led me onward. "We're almost there. Are you sure you're okay Julia?"

"Yes." All things considered, I was okay. The only thing at risk at this exact moment was my heart. It was only hours earlier that I had vowed to permanently distance myself from Derek to save myself from the inevitable heartbreak that came with the realization that I was falling in love with the sexy and carefree playboy.

But as soon as I had heard Derek's voice, amidst the chaos and confusion, I had felt safe. I knew he would not let anything bad happen to me. And when he had taken me, in front of all the watching monsters, my body had never felt so alive. Collared and bound tightly in a rope harness, I was displayed for all the freakish men to see. But Derek had made love to me, gently and tenderly, and had taken me, heart and soul, to new heights of ecstasy.

Even now, after all I had been through, I felt an ache of desire, which only Derek could assuage. I wanted his strong arms wrapped around me, his warm hands running all over my body, and most desperately of all, his cock plunging deep inside of me - claiming me as his own.

My steamy thoughts were interrupted. "Julia, we're here. Why don't you rest in the car? I need to talk to Scott for a moment. I'll be right there."

Reluctantly, I let Derek's hand go as the man standing by the car opened the back door; and I climbed inside. I wrapped the cape around my body. Waiting for Derek, I tugged on the crazy rope harness, especially trying to release my chest from the tight wraps of rope crisscrossing my torso and highlighting and lifting my breasts. I fumbled with it with no success for a few minutes before giving up.

Derek finally opened the door and slid into the back seat with me. He took my face in his hands. "God, Julia. You scared the hell out of me back there. What were you doing there?"

I fought the urge to climb onto his lap and curl up into his arms. "I needed to pick up some papers from my office, and then I stumbled onto that…uh, whatever that was going on."

Derek looked confused. "But why are you dressed like this? By the way, I know this is probably not the most appropriate thing to say right now, but you look crazy sexy in that rope thing." His eyes swept my body, settling on the gap in my cape.

Even as my cheeks flamed red, I felt the flames of arousal licking between my thighs. "A lady was trying to help me get away. She said I was in danger - then I got caught - then the rubber suited guy made me wear this - then I was locked in a room -"

Derek put a finger to my lips. "Whoa. Slow down. It's really important that you tell me everything you saw here tonight. Tell me about the lady first."

I took a deep breath. "I heard a loud scream that scared me and I decided that I had been foolish to go there - and I should leave the estate before I was discovered. I ducked into a side room when I heard people coming. There was a tall red headed woman all dressed in leather in there whipping some old man. They called her Madame. She said I was in danger if I got caught - she was trying to help me get out."

Derek nodded. "Good. What exactly did she say to you about the danger?"

I tried to remember what she had said to me. "I was so shocked and scared right then. She said I was in danger if I got caught. I think she said that they might kill me if they thought I saw too much - that it was a special night." Shuddering, I remembered her chilling words. "She said that others had gone missing or ended up dead in an alley."

"Okay, then what happened?" Derek looked grim.

"She was trying to lead me to the outside door when one of those guys in the rubber suits caught us. She told him that I was a new girl. He told her to get me 'ready'. That's when they put me in this collar and ropes." I tugged on the bindings under my cape.

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