Taken by Two

By: Sam J. D. Hunt

“Hours?” He nodded in response. I felt like I’d been out for days, not hours.

“The other guy, Rex,” I whispered, “does he have you captured, too?”

Nathaniel chuckled. “Rex? Nah, he’d never keep me against my will. I want to be with him—he saved my life.”

“Saved you from the Amazon?”

He shook his head, but stayed silent.

“Are you related? Or…lovers?” I couldn’t help but ask as I thought back to Rex’s fingers gliding through Nate’s hair.

With a snort, he answered, “No and no. You’re big into labels, aren’t you?”

His eyes warmed as he leaned in, his nose brushing against the tip of mine. “I’ll keep you safe, Penny. Rex won’t let anything happen to you, either. He’s rough on the outside, but he’s not a bad guy. But, he is dangerous, so trust me and do what he says and we might just get out of this alive.”

I was afraid of the dark Rex—and drawn to the exquisite Nate. I rolled toward him, my lips kissing his neck. “I won’t force you to do anything, Penny,” he sighed as I rolled on top of him. His erection ground against the silken fabric of my dress as his lips parted for my tongue. “I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you,” I confessed as my hands slid down to toy with the bulge of his hardness. If I was about to die a horrific death, I may as well cross an item off my bucket list. Fuck Nathaniel Slater, check. And, I felt like I really needed Nate on my side against the scary, tattooed giant.

The slick suit pants fell away as I clawed at his clothing, desperate to free him. With a sharp tug, the zipper down my back opened, allowing him to pull me from the confines of the dress. We gracelessly pawed at clothing until we were skin to skin, writhing across each other like two teenagers after a school dance. “Are you sure?” he moaned into my mouth, his fingers pressing at my entrance, working their way inside me. “Yes, I want you,” I groaned in response, my fingertips stroking his tip, teasing the delicate ridge just underneath.

Our tongues found each other, their sensual dance silencing us as we kissed—a kiss like none I’d ever known. He stroked my clit, the bundle of nerves near explosion as the sweet tension built. “I’m desperate for you,” I begged as my hand wrapped around the throbbing flesh of his thick cock.

Strong arms flipped me over as he rolled on top of me. His warm lips found my hard nipples—so sensitive I howled in ecstasy as he sucked hard on one of them. “Oh, fuck,” I yelled, not caring that Rex might hear—not caring about anything but giving and receiving pleasure—as his impossibly hard cock sank deep inside me, scraping against my cervix in a thrust so deep I thought he’d tear me in two.

“Shit, Penny, you’re so perfect and tight.” The pad of his thumb brushed across my sensitive bundle of nerves. As my hips thrust against him, he rubbed harder on my clit. I exploded around him as he fucked me, oblivious to anything but us. Oblivious, that is, until I slowly recovered from the intensity of my climax—and saw him lurking there.

Nate continued to pound into me—fucking me like he hadn’t touched a woman in years; fucking me like a starving man at a buffet. I froze, unable to speak underneath him. Rex stood in the shadows of the entryway, leaning casually against the doorframe. His hands were stuffed into the pockets of his worn jeans as he stood motionless, watching us. Shocked and afraid, I tried to push Nate off, but he wouldn’t budge. The force of his thrusts never relented inside me; I could tell he was close to coming.

“He’s watching us,” I hissed into Nate’s deliciously scented ear.

His eyes fluttered open, the pace pausing briefly. “Huh? Oh, it’s okay, Penny. He said I could.” His rhythm increased again, despite my fingernails clawing into his back. After he shuddered in a powerful climax, filling me, I whispered, “He said you could what?” He panted, his toned chest still heaving from the effort of his release, and answered, “Rex gave me permission to have you.”

I was horrified. Was I stolen as a sex slave? Or did they intend to rape me and… The thought was too terrible. I pushed at his chest; I wanted him off me. My eyes shot to the doorway; Rex was gone. Nate rolled off me, a look of concern flooding his face. “Penny, what is it? I-I thought you wanted… What did I do wrong?” His tone was soft, genuine. I relaxed as his fingertips brushed gingerly across my cheek. The steel-blue eyes were filled with concern. I was confused; unsure of what was real and what I was imagining. “Why did you take me? Is Rex going to kill me?”

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