Taken by Two

By: Sam J. D. Hunt

He shook his head, his eyes narrowing. “God, no, we’d never…I took you to keep you safe. I admit I hoped we might, um, hit it off, and that Rex would like you, too. Earlier he said if you wanted me, if we…he said it was okay if we were together.”

That was twisted, my groggy brain screamed. “Let me go!’

“I can’t. I’m sorry—I can’t explain. You were in danger in Vegas. When the danger is over, we’ll take you home.” He turned his face to mine; his hypnotic blue eyes locking on my brown ones as his palm cradled my chin. “I’ll take care of you, I promise.” I shouldn’t have, but I believed him. I fell asleep on Nate’s lean, muscular chest, naked and leaking his essence as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, the soft awareness of awakening floated over me—my eyes were still closed, but the fugue of the drug Nate used on me was gone. I felt like myself again—and couldn’t help but let my hand wander over to the sexy Nathaniel Slater lying next to me. As my palm wandered across him, I skimmed a hard, clothed being. My eyes popped open in a startle.

“Good morning, Princess. Was it good for you, too?” The scary man, Rex, was sitting next to me in bed—wearing the same dark t-shirt, worn jeans, and even the heavy black boots. Combat boots, I thought as my confused brain fought to form a plan. His muscled arm reached across me, the thick pattern of tattoos ended just above his wrist. “What—um, where’s Nate?” He chuckled and groped at my sheet in an attempt to pull it off me—I fought back and yanked it with both hands. He relented, but we both knew he was strong enough to do as he pleased with me. Rex was a huge, hulking presence—his menacing midnight blue eyes raked over my exposed skin.

“I sent him home ahead of us to prepare.”

“Does he always obey you?” The man nodded.

“Did you capture him like you did me?” I was terrified, but determined to keep my wits.

He cracked his knuckles and stared at me. I wasn’t sure if it was a threat, but it felt very much like a warning. “Everyone obeys me here, Princess. I’m the king on this island—King Rex.” He laughed out loud, his enormous barrel chest rising and falling underneath the cotton of his t-shirt. He was toying with me, and enjoying it. “Besides, I didn’t capture you, baby. Nathaniel did. In fact, your presence here is pretty much fucking up everything right now.” He leaned over and wrapped his immense hand around my throat and squeezed in warning. “So behave, or I’ll fucking toss you to the snakes, Princess.”

My hands shot up to my constricted neck, desperate to loosen his grasp as I struggled to breathe. “Are we clear?” His fingers effortlessly pulsed once more around my tortured throat before letting go. “Yes,” I coughed. “Yes, what?” He flexed his fingers as if he were going to choke me again. “Yes, Rex?” He rubbed at his knuckles and sighed, as if I’d failed my first test. “Yes, sir, would be nice. But I guess I’ll allow you to call me Rex. Now get up, we’re home. My home, not yours,” he said, pointing a long index finger at me. “Yes, sir,” I answered, my throat still raw from his strong hand.

The golden daylight was streaming into the small cabin of the airplane—dust particles danced in the bright rays of sun. The engine had shut down, and an eerie silence hung over the room. “Well, get dressed,” he croaked, pointing to my red silk dress on the floor across the cabin. I pulled the sheet around me and began to rise from the bed, but he yanked at it again. “Leave the sheet—and walk over and get dressed. Slowly.”

He’d spied on Nate and me having sex hours prior, but this seemed even more horrific. It was daylight, and he was fully dressed. With an amused smirk he added, “And do it now, or I’ll toss your sexy, curvy body over my shoulder and take you to my compound bare-ass naked.” I looked into his eyes—they weren’t angry, but slightly annoyed and very amused. He licked his lips in anticipation as I slid out from under the crisp linen sheet. Completely naked, I walked across the carpeted floor of the private airplane toward my crumpled dress. I bent down and snagged my panties while formulating a plan to manipulate the coarse, behemoth kidnapper. I didn’t even know if a man like Rex would find me attractive, but I’d found many men still loved curves and, despite not being built like a model, I knew how to work my Burlesque-like sensuality. As I bent at the waist, I let my full breasts hang heavily until I stood up again. I pulled the lace panties on one leg at a time as I looked over toward Rex. The change in him was palpable. The amusement was gone; replaced with a look I recognized—lust. A glance to his jeans confirmed it—the smug Rex’s erection strained not to bust through the soft fabric of his well-fitting jeans.

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