Taken by Two

By: Sam J. D. Hunt

“You can skip the bra,” he groaned, resting the palm of his hand across his bulging erection.

“They’re fairly heavy, sir, may I?” I asked, reaching for my lace bra. He nodded, a fine dew of sweat glistening on his tanned forehead. Men may think they have the power, but I have my weapons—even against dominant alpha males like Rex.

I wrapped the lace bra around my weighty triple-D breasts before reaching for the silk dress. He was attracted to me—he shifted on the bed, his desire for me a tangible presence in the snug cabin. Stepping into the dress, I turned my back to him. “Zip me, sir?” I waited—praying he’d take the bait. Within seconds I heard his heavy feet shuffle toward me, his rough fingers deftly pulling the zipper up my back.

He grabbed me—his strong arms wrapping around my round waist. “Don’t play with me, Penny.” Continuing to hold me, his breathing was ragged, his erect cock pressing against my lush ass. He used my name, I thought, a smile fighting its way to my lips.

I ground against him before walking a step to slide into my designer pumps. I turned to face him. Rex was big—not just tall, but built like a tank. He towered over me, his hands stuffed in his jeans pockets—his prominent hard cock forming an immense curved outline against his torso. Damn, Nathaniel is beautiful, but this guy is all sexy testosterone, I thought as he walked toward me.

I moved to lean into him, to flirt, but he grabbed me hard and yanked me toward the door. “Let’s go,” he barked as I fought to stay upright on my stilettos. He was several feet behind me as we walked through the opulent interior of the small jet. I knew this was my chance to escape—there was no way this ape was taking me to his compound, no matter how sexy he was. The second it was within reach, I sprinted toward the cockpit and slammed the door behind me—in Rex’s face, I realized, as I felt the impact of flesh and heard him swear. Locking it, I quickly begged the two uniformed men to help me. “Please, I’ve been kidnapped, I’m Penelope Sedgewick and I…” Neither man moved. One looked to the other, hands flying up in a question, and said simply, “Que?” The other man looked from his co-pilot to me, but made no effort to move. “Please! Help me!” I begged of the man who seemed to understand English. “It’s okay, Miguel,” he said to his co-pilot. “Miss, open the door. Mr. Renton is going to be pissed as fuck.” I was incredulous as he stood and brushed past me in the cramped cockpit, opening the heavy door.

Rex stood there, his hand wiping blood away from his nose. Shit! “Do you need me to help you contain her, sir?” Rex walked toward the pilot, his pilot, I now realized, shaking his head. “Nah, this little impertinent brat is going to learn a fucking lesson,” he boomed as he grabbed me by the arm. Shaking with fear—calculating in my always scheming brain what to do next—I let him pull me from the cockpit and down the narrow stairs to the hot tarmac.

“What the fuck was that? Everyone here works for me—I don’t want to hurt you, Penny!” He was talking under his breath as he dragged me toward a large dark van. The humidity of the locale, some tropical island possibly, wrapped around me and caused the silk dress to cling to my body. “I thought you did want to hurt me, Rex, I mean you’ve choked me and now—”

“I’m the one who’s bleeding here, lady! I gave you a little frisky throat hug, nothing more, just to remind you of your manners. I’m not a caveman, though—I’d rather not harm you. But, I will if it means keeping Nate safe, do you understand? I’ll do anything to keep him from harm.” He pushed me from behind into the interior of the van—a blast of frigid air taking my breath away as he climbed in behind me. “You captured Nate, though, you…” Rex sighed heavily—I can be exasperating under the best of circumstances. I’m sure I didn’t make the best captive. “I didn’t capture Nate, for fuck’s sake! He captured me.”

Chapter Two

The windows of the van were completely blacked out—I had no clue where he was taking me. I sat across the chilly van from Rex and watched him tap on his cell phone, a Blackberry—the tiny device almost comical looking in his large hands. His long legs were spread wide as he hunched over, tapping out some message with his large thumbs. On his left ring finger he wore a heavy gold band—I stared at it, trying to learn as much as I could about the enemy.

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