Taken by Two

By: Sam J. D. Hunt

“Blindfold me, anything but a bag. I-I’m claustrophobic, I can’t…”

“Sorry, Princess.” He leaned over in the cramped van and grabbed me, yanking me to the floor. I fought as he leaned his weight on me, holding me in place against the rough carpeted floor. “Be still,” he threatened as I continued to writhe and flail against his hard body. My mind went back to when I was seven; I accidentally got locked in a broken freezer in a friend’s garage. We were playing hide and seek, but once I got in, I couldn’t get out. They didn’t find me for almost an hour—and to this day I fear enclosed, dark places—that and anything that slithered.

My knee moved to sink into Rex’s groin, but before I made contact his fingers dug into a nerve in my neck—I was paralyzed, frozen there at his mercy. “You’re alright,” his deep voice crooned, rough but I could tell he was attempting to calm me. I should have been able to speak, but for some reason the feeling of being immobilized by his fingers on some sort of pressure point shocked me into silence.

The dark fabric covered my face, and he quickly pulled it around me and held me in his arms like a baby. “Please,” I begged from the darkness of the bag. He didn’t answer, but he held me tighter—the sensation more cradling than rough. He was walking quickly, the steamy humid heat replacing the cool, dry air of the van. Voices surrounded us, speaking what I thought was Spanish—or maybe Italian. Rex’s low baritone answered them fluently, in their language, as he continued to walk briskly with me in his arms.

In a few moments we were indoors again—the sensation of an artificially cooled area was unmistakable, even inside the cloth sack. Another short few moments passed, and I was being placed gently on a bed. After a loud click, Rex pulled the sack up over my feet and legs as I wiggled out of the bag.

As my eyes opened, my chest heaving from fear, Rex hovered over me, his body resting on the bed beside me. I looked into his eyes—searching for some sort of reassurance that I would make it home alive. “You okay?” he husked, his hands brushing the hair from my eyes. “Uh huh, I think so…” I finally managed to squeak out. “I’ll get you some water,” he said absently as his fingertips brushed against my cheek. “The door is locked from the outside. I don’t know you yet, Princess—I don’t trust easily. Nathaniel bringing you with us has put all of us in danger.” I nodded, even though I had no idea what he was talking about. His combination of hard and soft, warm and cold, kept me on edge.

The door locked behind him. I looked around the room—it was a normal bedroom, and there was sunlight coming from the two windows. They were covered in heavy bars, but other than that, the room didn’t seem like a prison, but more like a guest room. Well, like a barred guest room that locked from the outside. As messed up as it was, I yearned for Nate. He felt safe and comfortable, despite Rex’s reminding me that Nate actually was my captor. Rex must have brainwashed Nate, I reasoned.

Rex returned with a small basket and a duffle bag, and my lusty eyes weren’t disappointed that he was still shirtless. He opened the basket and pulled out a bottle of water, pointing it toward me. I greedily sipped the cool liquid as he watched me. “Hungry?” He held out a sandwich, but I shook my head. “Come on, Nate said you needed to eat. He made it with his own two lovely hands.” The mention of Nate perked me up. “Can I see him? He’s here?”

“Not yet. He’ll be in to see you if you can manage to behave.”

“I’m a prisoner then.” I looked around the room.

“No, these are precautions. I have to detain you for now, that’s all.”

I nodded, unconvinced.

“Eat, drink, and relax. There’s a TV over in the armoire—it’s not connected to the outside world, but there’s a shitload of movies there in the drawer. That door,” he said, pointing to the side of the room, “is your bathroom. This bag has some women’s clothing—I’m not sure they’ll fit, but you won’t be here long.” He stood up and headed for the door as I slunk into the bed.

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