Taming My Prince Charming

By: J.S. Cooper

“She’s watching TV.” My mother shook her head. “She’s very disappointed in you, Xavier. She does not understand how you would not tell your family of this very important decision. We are all very disappointed, but I wanted to come down and meet Lola.” She gave Lola a quick tight smile and then turned to me and spoke in our native tongue. “Who is this girl, Xavier? She doesn’t even look like she is out of school? You expect her to become a princess and the queen of Romerius? Is this a joke?” She shot at me quickly, all the while keeping a smile on her face, so that Lola wouldn’t understand what we were talking about.

“Mother, Lola is my choice for a wife and you’ll just have to accept that.” I retorted back at her, all the while smiling.

“I never expected to see the day you married and now, you say you’re getting married to, to someone that looks like a poor orphan.”

“I’ve never seen any rich looking orphans, mother.”

“Don’t talk back to me, Xavier.” Her eyes flashed at me and I turned away from her annoyed.

“Is everything okay?” Lola looked at me, with worried brown eyes and I nodded and reached for her hand. In that moment, I felt guilty. I felt guilty for subjecting her to what I knew was going to be a difficult situation, all because she was getting to my head.

“It’s fine.” I said finally, trying to ignore the way her lips teased me as she licked them quickly.

“Uh huh.” She shook her head slightly and her eyes stared into mine with a question and taunt. She knew that it was not going smoothly.

“Let’s go inside and show Lola her room.” My father, ever the diplomat, spoke up.

“She’s sleeping with me.”

“No.” My mother and Lola gasped out at the same time.

“Of course we are.” I gave my mom a look and then Lola. “We’re engaged.”

“I don’t care if you’re engaged, it’s not the proper thing.” My mother shook her head. “I forbid it.”

“Funny.” I laughed. “You’re forbidding it, mother?”

“James, talk to your son.” My mother gave me a look of disgust and then turned away from me. “I’m going inside. I’ve had a long day.” She nodded her head at Lola and then walked inside.

“You shouldn’t upset your mother, Xavier.” My dad’s eyes were laughing as he spoke to me. “It was a pleasure meeting you, dear Lola.” He picked up Lola’s hand and kissed it. “I better go inside and make sure your mother isn’t too upset. I trust you can show Lola to her room, or whatever room she’s sleeping in.” He turned around and hurried back inside.

“You’ve gone and upset your mother.” Lola’s eyes flashed at me. “Now she’s going to hate me.”

“My mother is a drama queen, Lola.” I shook my head and pulled her towards me. “Trust me, she’ll be fine.”

“I’m not sleeping in the same room as you, by the way. You’ve got to be joking.”

“I never joke about such things.”

“I’m not doing it.” She looked at me obstinately. “I don’t want your parents thinking I’m some sort of low-class tart.”

“What do you care?” I leaned forward and ran my tongue across her trembling lips.

“It’s not proper.” She pulled back from me and I grabbed her around the waist.

“I don’t care about what’s proper.”

“What do you care about, Xavier?” I could feel her breath on my tongue and lips and I froze at her words. Instinctively, I knew I cared about her. There was something about her that affected me more than I liked. She was getting to me. She was making me do stupid things. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t want her getting under my skin any more.

“I care about fucking you whenever I want, where ever I want.” I pulled her body towards me and pressed my hardness into her. “That’s what I care about.”

Chapter Two

The gold trimming covering the bathtub shouldn’t have surprised me, but of course it did. I’d never been around such opulence before. I took a deep breath and sat back on the toilet seat. I wasn’t actually going to the bathroom, but I’d needed to escape from Xavier, and this was the only room I knew he wouldn’t follow me into. Meeting his parents had overwhelmed me. Especially seeing the look in his mother’s eyes. It had unnerved me. I felt really bad for deceiving them, especially as I didn’t even know why Xavier had set up this elaborate story. I didn’t know why he hadn’t just sued the tabloids for defamation or libel or whatever it was that celebrities sued tabloids for.

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