Temptation Next Door

By: Mia Madison

A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance



Mom and Dad have just gone to work, and I’m slotting the breakfast things into the dishwasher by the time I switch on the radio. The morning show is half over. But it’s not the usual presenter. Gavin Day is filling in today, and I nearly missed him.

He has this deep, sexy, voice that goes right through me like a purring cat. Though he’s talking about everything and anything—what he had for breakfast (donuts and OJ), the news (POTUS has been tweeting again), the sports results, it doesn’t matter. Whatever he says, I could listen all day.

I sigh, and our old dog looks up from his basket in the corner.

“Hey, Pluto. It’s him.”

Pluto looks less than interested, his head dropping back down, but the dog is the only one I can talk to about Gavin Day.

Gavin’s my neighbor and my best friend Kate’s dad. Totally off limits. Not to mention out of my league.

I have a big giant crush on the man, and no one, especially Kate and Gavin himself, can find out about it. I’ll die if they do, and I’m only twenty-one—too young to die.

Oh, but his voice matches him perfectly. Six feet four, dark eyes and the kind of body that makes you want to run your hands all over it.

And then he plays Ed Sheeran “The Shape of You” and I imagine he’s playing it for me because he likes my shape, even though I could do with losing a few pounds. The freshman fifteen stuck around a while and became twenty by the time Kate and I were done with college a couple of weeks ago.

When the doorbell sounds, I switch off Ed singing because it will be my best friend. It’s time to go to work, and I can’t have her catching me listening to her father. She rolls her eyes if she ever happens to hear him on the radio when she’s switching stations in her car.

We have temp work for the summer in the food court at the mall to save up for our trip to Europe—a graduation gift to ourselves before we give up our freedom completely to some corporation or other.

Luckily for me, there’ll be no time to think at the mall. We’ll be clearing sticky tables and mopping floors of trodden-in fries before we know it. No time to think about abs and dark eyes or that sultry voice that could melt panties clean away.



When I play music on my show, I imagine the people I’m playing it for. Sometimes, it’s the listeners who have requested something—a song that was played at their wedding, a favorite for their birthday, the new track from an album. Sometimes, it’s for people I know: my daughter, Kate, my dad, and lately, Kate’s best friend, Lindsay, the girl next door who suddenly grew up when I wasn’t paying attention.

She has this innocent Snow White look—all green eyes, pale skin and dark hair, plus a laugh that lights up the room and a body fit for all kinds of dirty things. But she’s my daughter’s friend, for fuck’s sake, grown up or not.

The Baillies have been our friends and neighbors for years, ever since I moved here after Julie left and I got my first break in radio. I can just imagine Bob and Mary going apeshit if they knew what I was thinking about their daughter. And Kate would disown me, for sure.

I can’t go there.

I should stay well away when Lindsay is over at our house to hang with Kate, but somehow, I can’t.



Kate’s dad dives into the pool in their back yard, and I try not to look.

“I’d better get home. Mom will be back soon,” I say to Kate. I’ve stayed too long as it is, sitting gossiping on the lawn chairs. After our grueling shift at the mall, we slumped down, exhausted to catch some rays still in our uniforms, too tired to change. I didn’t realize her dad would be home this early. It’s usually after six before he gets in.

“You know your mom won’t mind. She won’t be in for a while.” Kate knows my family too well. We’ve been inseparable since we were five.

“But I promised her I’d have dinner started before she gets back.” I can’t resist a peek at Mr. Day powering smoothly through the water, his body strong and sleek. I have to stop thinking about the strength of his arms, the firmness of his thighs. He’s ruining me for guys my own age.

He shouts over to us, in that familiar low voice. “Why not grab your swimsuits and come in? The pool is perfect after a day in this heat.”

“Maybe tomorrow,” Kate says. She rarely goes in the pool, because, as she says, she gets wet and cool for ten minutes and then she has to spend an hour showering and redoing her hair and makeup.

“What about you, Lindsay? Feel free, even if Kate doesn’t want to swim. You know you can use the pool any time.”

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