Tempted by My Billionaire Boss

By: Alicia Beckton

Chapter 1

Selena Patterson gunned the 2000 Honda Civic down Main Street, anxious to get to the office before she was registered late again. Twice in one week was treated like a felony, and she was not making enough money as it is to lose a day without pay. So fast was she going she forgot about the traffic cop that was almost always stationed just beyond the off ramp. As she skidded around the bend she groaned as she saw him step out into the street with his hand held up. She slowed the car to a stop and banged her head on the steering wheel as she waited for him to get to her.

He was making slow deliberate steps as if he had no care in the world, while the clock ticked her measly salary away. She earned her money by commission so if she didn’t sell any houses, then she wouldn’t get paid. Lately sales were slow and she needed to get more aggressive before she went bankrupt.

“Why the hell doesn’t he get here quickly so we can just get this over with?” she asked herself as she watched the cop from her rear view mirror making his slow trek to her. As he got to her she rolled her windows down and flashed him one of her brightest smiles. “What can I do for you this morning officer?”

He peered inside her car and made a quick scan of the outside before answering. “Are you aware you were driving thirty kilometres above the speeding limit?”

“Really?” Selena asked with mock surprise. “I am sorry officer, but I was late and I didn’t check. I am having a really bad morning.”

“Is that so? What’s a pretty girl like you doing with a bad morning?”

“Just one of those days. Listen officer, could you please overlook this ‘speeding’ this one time?”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” He turned and pointed to a camera positioned just at the ramp. “You were already caught on camera. If I don’t book you, well, I will be having a bad life.”

Selena groaned loudly now as she waited for the officer to conclude making her morning even worse. She checked the clock on the dashboard and noticed she only had another ten minutes to make a twenty minutes drive to work. “Oh brother.”

Finally Officer Slow me Down was finished and as he slipped her the piece of paper that would further dwindle her already meagre funds, she started the engine immediately. “Drive carefully now,” he told her as she nodded and forced a smile.

It is official; she will be late again, and by a whole ten minutes this time. Luckily for her the streets weren’t as busy just yet so she had a smooth sailing all the way to the office. She hurriedly parked her car and with nervous steps she approached the elevator.

She had initially loved working at Bloomfield Properties, since she got to host open houses and meet different people. The money she made on commission selling some of the most high end residential and commercial properties had enabled her to secure a lovely apartment for herself and some money in the bank. But that seemed such a long time ago; she had either lost her touch or no one was buying anything anymore. She was convinced it was the former reason.

As the elevator bell dinged and she stepped into the passage way that would take her to her office she grew nervous once more. She hoped Mr. Bloomfield was not there as yet, but what did that matter? Megan would be sure to point it out as soon as he stepped in.

“Good Morning Hanna,” Selena said as she stepped into the office.

“Selena, hurry and get to your station; he isn’t here as yet and neither is Megan,” she whispered.

Selena needed no further encouragement as she gave Hannah’s hand a tight squeeze and thanked her, and then made a dash for her desk. She had barely sat down and turned the computer on when Mr. Bloomfield walked in. And there he was; Mr. Bloomfield. It was hard not to look at him for he had a striking appearance and a commanding presence to match. All eyes followed him to his office, and as soon as his door closed behind him, the air in the room got cloudy as everyone exhaled at once. All except for Selena. She couldn’t deny how handsome he was; how hard his body was because he worked out every day, or how seductive he appeared when he towered over a body and flashed his dimple to reveal perfect white teeth. No, he was near perfect physically, but what happened next was the single most complete reason why Selena avoided him as much as she c0uld.

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