The Bad Boy Meeting

By: Amanda Kevin


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Chapter One

“Spring Break 2015!!” Vanessa yelled as she lifted her hand, extended her arm out as far as it would go.

Although Jessica was firmly against the concept of a “selfie-stick,” it was at that moment that she decided that it could actually be quite necessary in a time like this. She pasted a wide smile on her face, but her eyes narrowed as she struggled to find her own face reflecting back at her through the mirror of the phone. There she was, in the bottom corner, nothing but her dark brown roots showing.

“Say cheese!” Grace screamed in her impossibly high voice.

Madison scoffed. “No one, ‘says cheese,’ anymore.” She sneered.

Jessica rolled her eyes just as Vanessa managed to snap the picture, but, of course, it didn’t matter because she wasn’t even in it in the first place. As soon as the image of their faces and smiles had ossified onto the camera, the girls began to disperse. “Okay, where is Benjamin?” Vanessa demanded as she darted away.

Jessica stood away from the other girls, solidifying her place right by the currency exchange booth and far away from the baggage claim conveyer belt. She rummaged in her small shoulder bag for her pack of Marlboro blacks, a smile rising on either side of her lips when she secured them. As soon as everyone was satisfied with the luggage they had claimed, they would be able to go outside and she would be able to have her victory cigarette; her own gift to herself for surviving the long and grueling journey from Boston, Massachusetts, to Cancun, Mexico. She scoffed at that thought. It was funny how their trip sounded so original and adventurous when they called it the Yucatan Peninsula. After all, it was the sight of all of those child sacrifices; brutal murders in honor of the sun God, legends of vampires and who knows what else.

But as Grace lifted her luggage off of the conveyer belt and made her way over to her, Jessica had the distinct feeling that the last thing on her friends’ minds was adventure and myths. Sadly, she was sure to be in for an entire week of flea markets, beaches, poorly made pina coladas, and really bad sex with complete strangers. Hopefully she would make it through all of this without wanting to kill herself. Or at least, that’s what she told her mother; also known as the true reason she was stuck on this Adventure Hell.

“Please go somewhere. I could cry thinking about you on that campus with no one to talk to for a whole week.” She wined over the phone.

What Mom failed to realize was that, being divorced, she herself spent almost every minute of every day, at home with no one to talk to, living off of divorce money and smothering every one else in her life.

“Okay, I need to get money. Wait.” Vanessa ordered as she approached the currency exchange booths and reached in he small bag. The flock of boys they had all assured their parents were coming with us, you know, for safety reasons, followed behind her.

Jessica scoffed; she couldn’t understand how Vanessa could be such a boy-whisperer. She had boyfriend stuck at home, working at some financial company or other, but that didn’t stop her, or anyone else.

“Didn’t we decide we were gonna exchange our currency at the airport,” Jessica all but grumbled. She was fiddling with that cigarette in her right hand and wanted nothing more than to just smoke it already.

“Not everyone can be such a wonderfully prepared gypsy as you.” Jack, the tall one with the almost, bleached blond hair and the polo shirt only a true douche bag would wear.

Madison, the one with the long, brunette hair laughed louder than any self-respecting woman should have, then placed her hand on his arm. “Yeah, I mean who was thinking about getting currency in Boston?” She retorted.

Jessica rolled her eyes again. “Look, I’ve got everything I need, including money. So, if you need me, I’ll be outside trying not to kill myself.” She muttered, mostly to herself. Without waiting for a response, she grabbed her baggage and rolled it out of the front doors.

Benjamin shrugged. “I mean, I grabbed my currency in Boston too, so…” He muttered.

Vanessa scoffed, and then replied with, “But I need you to help me figure this out. Please?” she asked.

Benjamin rolled his eyes. “Have you never used one of these machines before? They are literally all the same.” He replied.

Vanessa let out a slightly embarrassed laugh, as if she suddenly realized how stupid she was being and wanted to cover it up by pretending that she had been joking the whole time. It wasn’t really working. “I know, but like-“

But Benjamin didn’t even let her finish. He wrapped his hands around his own luggage-handle, and then turned to face the door. “If you need me, I’ll be outside with Jessica.”

Jessica moaned as she crossed the threshold of the automatic door, bracing herself for impact. “Can I not have to deal with this asshole right now?” She murmured to herself. Luckily for her, she was able to light her cigarette and take the first drag before he joined her.

“Couldn’t wait a second longer, huh?” he asked as he went to stand next to her.

Jessica stared out into the landscape before them. It seemed that the airport was the most modern building in all of Cancun. The rest of it all looked made entirely of stone. The streets were thin and composed of cracked cobbled stones and dangerous-looking vegetation somehow strong enough to poke its way all the way through the stones. Yet, despite all of this, the sun hung high in the sky, its beams showering down on everything below. As Jessica stood there, she could already feel herself tanning, and that, alone, was enough to make her feel that much better about her decision.

Of course, it could have also just been the nicotine kicking in.

“Nope.” Jessica shrugged, shaking her head. “Of course not.”

“Could I have one of those?” He asked, shoving his hand at her.

Jessica glowered right into his blue eyes. “You don’t smoke.” She replied.

He shrugged. “Anything can happen in Cancun.” He replied in the most disgustingly flirtatious voice.

It was enough for Jessica to lend him her cigarettes, just to watch him choke on it. “Okay.” She shrugged, pulling one out of her bag and handing it to him. She slipped her lighter out of the low pocket of her gypsy skirt and handed it to him.

As she watched, it became apparent that only smokers really every learned how to wield a lighter, because he was struggling to an embarrassing degree. Jessica snatched it from him, and leaned in, flipping the switch and watching the flame caress the end of the cigarette. “You have to suck on it.” She murmured.

He winked at her. “Oh do I?” he murmured back, just as he sucked and the end lit up amber.

She stood back, but much to her surprise, and slight annoyance, he began smoking the cigarette with no problem at all. “I thought you didn’t smoke.” She replied.

He shrugged. “I’ll do anything for you baby.” He replied.

It sounded like he was reading from a badly written script. “Okay?” she muttered.

He took another drag, blowing it out in front of him, then stepped even closer to her, his finger caressing her bare arm. “You know you’re sexy as hell right?”

Jessica raised an eyebrow. “Was I still sexy as hell when you were in Boston ignoring me?” she asked.

He scoffed. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He replied.

Jessica nodded. “Of course you don’t.” She replied.

Just as she took another drag of her cigarette, he wrapped his hand around her curvy waist, drawing it towards him. Their torsos pressed together as he continued to smoke, blowing the air right above her head.

She flipped her head back, pretending to be completely unphased by this contact, and continued to smoke. He then leaned over into her ear. “Don’t you like the way that feels?”

She shrugged. “Eh… I could take it or leave it.” She replied.

He glowered at her, his lips folded into a crooked smile. “Well, I’m determined to change your mind.”

Jessica let out a humorless chuckle. “Of course you are.” She replied. No sooner had she said this that he pressed his lips against her. That last breath from his last drag went right to the back of her throat. She thought to cough it out, but his tongue soon followed, jutting into her mouth like an erotic snake. She let the last bit of her cigarette slips from between her fingers and onto the dirt pavement as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She could feel his hands rubbing against every bare surface of her body, and his bulge pressing against the thin barrier of her bohemian skirt, but other than that, she felt nothing. She was so indifferent that she let it go on until,

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