The Billionaire's Christmas Baby

By: Victoria James

He walked over to the window facing the snow-covered front yard, still holding Emily in his arms. The sight outside was something he would never tire of—their front yard at the cabin was lit up like Vegas.

Hannah and Emily had spent all day adding white lights to the evergreens and wreaths and a Santa sleigh on the porch. Every year Hannah insisted that a giant wreath be hung on the front door. She had even managed to coerce him into climbing up a ladder and adding lights along the roof line. But he didn’t complain. This year, he might even admit that he liked it.

“When’s Auntie and Uncle Sampson coming, Daddy?” Emily asked, peering out the window. Jackson sighed. That was another annual tradition Hannah had started—the Sampsons on Christmas Eve. Another thing he didn’t complain about. How could he when the elderly couple doted on his daughter as if they were her grandparents?

“Soon, sweetie. Just listen for bells,” Jackson said, turning as he heard Hannah’s footsteps.

His wife approached them, holding her index finger to her lips. “He’s finally sleeping,” Hannah whispered, snuggling up to his side.

“Baby Christopher sleeps too much!” Emily exclaimed with a frown.

“It just seems like that, Emily. But newborns need a lot more sleep that we do,” Hannah said, tapping Emily’s nose.

The exuberant jingling of bells indicated that the Sampsons were approaching. Jackson sighed and looked down at Hannah.

“I love you, Jackson,” she said with a gorgeous smile and a sparkle in her green eyes as she pinched his side.

“Love you too, Hannah,” he said, placing a kiss on her soft mouth. Kissing Hannah was something he never tired of. In fact, it was what he intended on spending a long time doing after the Sampsons left.

Emily laughed and bounced in his arms as the couple pulled into the driveway. A large red sack was stuffed into the rear of the sleigh.

“They’re so sweet,” Hannah whispered as she stared out the window.

Jackson agreed, but silently thought his wife was much sweeter. The woman by his side had shown him the power of forgiveness. They had a daughter in Emily, and two months ago, they welcomed a son. Jackson had learned the meaning of unconditional love.

And because of Hannah, he’d learned that holiday miracles did come true.

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