The Billionaire's Christmas Proposal

By: Victoria James


Dani sidled up next to him. “Smoke inhalation. She almost died. Firemen had to carry her out of—”

“Jeezus, Allie.” Ethan wrapped her up in his arms, and the last thing she saw was her sister’s smug face before the rest of the world was covered by Ethan. His chest was hard, the arms that wrapped around her were strong and comforting, and the man smelled like heaven.

“Oh, you know this person, Ethan? I was about to call building security,” the woman said, standing in the doorway.

Dani scoffed and stood at attention. “She’s his slightly disheveled, but otherwise very hot, friend—”

Allison broke free from Ethan’s embrace, feeling cold again. “Dani—”

Her sister shrugged and leaned against the wall again.

“Why the hell didn’t you call me? How did you get here?” Ethan ignored Dani and the woman and ushered her into his office. She didn’t bother looking at Lawyer Barbie as she walked past her—the woman’s huff was adequate proof of her thoughts.

“Sit,” Ethan said, shoving her gently into his chair. “Now tell me what happened.”

He was leaning against his desk, fine lines around an undeniably beautiful mouth.

She glanced over at the woman currently sending her a death glare from across Ethan’s sprawling office and crossed her arms. She was suddenly self-conscious. “I don’t really want to get into all this,” she whispered.

Ethan frowned and then turned around. “Nadia, thanks. You can finish your presentation at the meeting this afternoon.”

Her sister then proceeded to usher the other woman out the door, shutting it a little too loudly to be polite. She flopped herself down on Ethan’s couch, completely oblivious to her slush-filled clothes on the pristine leather. Satisfied she wasn’t listening when Dani pulled out her phone and began texting, she looked up at Ethan.

“Well, what happened?” he asked.

“Our apartment building blew up!” Dani said before she could answer.

Ethan’s tanned face went a few shades paler than the snow outside.

Allison turned in her chair to glare at her sister. “Stop eavesdropping.”

She turned back to Ethan and tried to concentrate. She needed a coffee. “She’s completely overdramatizing. There was a small fire in the building, and we had to get out—”

“Smoke everywhere, they had to put an oxygen mask on Allie’s face.”

He ran his hands through his hair. “Jeezus—”

“Stop talking, Dani.” She continued to stare at Ethan, mesmerized by the look on his face. “It really isn’t a big deal. No one was injured. I just…all our stuff is gone. We have nothing right now.”

“None of that matters,” he said in a voice that sounded thick with concern for…her. This caring, serious, protective side of Ethan was disconcerting. Flirty playboy she could easily dismiss. Big, protective, serious Ethan was a whole heck of a different ballgame.

“I wouldn’t have come here except I didn’t know where else to go. Hannah and Jackson aren’t around, and I can’t impose on the shelter,” she whispered. He didn’t know about her unreliable mother, and admitting that he was the only person in a city of millions that she could turn to was, again, disconcerting.

A look flashed through his eyes, but was gone before she could mull over its meaning. “You did the right thing. You and Dani can stay at my place.”

“We’ll need clothes and food.”

Allie shook her head, embarrassed by her sister’s big, teenaged mouth. “Just until—”

“Whatever. I’ve got more than enough room.”

“I don’t want to impose or intrude on your life. We’ll be gone in a few days, I promise.”

“Seriously, Allie, you’re welcome in my home for as long as it takes.”

The shiver that ran through her then was totally caused by the fact that she had walked through the freezing cold outside, not at all dressed for winter. Of course. It had nothing to do with the way Ethan said, in that warm, rich-as-a-cup-of-dark-hot-chocolate voice, that she was welcome in his home.

Danielle suddenly appeared at his side. “Great, then let’s get the hell out of here.”

“I come with a lot of baggage,” she said with a wan smile, her gaze locking onto his, onto whatever it was he was communicating with that look. She couldn’t turn away.

Captain Hook decided that would be the perfect moment to pee on Ethan’s marble floor.

Chapter Two

“Oh this place will do just fine, Ethan. Just fine.” Dani patted him on the arm and walked through the foyer, making herself at home.

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