The Demure Bride

By: Joannie Kay

Amanda immediately groaned and reached back to rub her stinging backside. Two spankings in one day! Unbelievable! Her Mama was probably looking down on them and shaking her head. Mama did not approve of spanking and it was quite a shock to learn that her Papa had spanked Mama. Amanda did not remember hearing her parents fight, nor did she remember being taken captive by the Comanche. Her Mama was always so delicate and such a lady. It was so hard to picture her married to her Papa... or to picture her over his knee getting a spanking. Amanda had to be honest, her Papa had a good reason to spank her Mama... Just as he had a good reason today, she forced herself to admit. She had been acting like a spoiled brat... She was going to see to it that Glimmer had the best care she could give her. She would not be sitting her saddle again today, and probably not tomorrow; her bottom was unbelievably sore; but she would change her clothing and go and have a talk with Whitey and find out exactly what she needed to do to care for her little mare. She was not in Boston any more, and it was time she accepted that.

* * *

"Thanks, son," Matt said automatically when Whitey offered to care for his large white stallion. "How did my girl do today cleaning out Glimmer's stall?"

"She was fit to be tied, but she did a good job, Mr. Chambers." It didn't occur to the younger man to lie or coat the truth. "She even come out here this afternoon and asked me how to take care of her mare. Said she was going to see to her from now on, so I reckon that mucking that stall didn't upset her too much."

"Mandy asked you how to take care of Glimmer?" Matt was pleased.

"Yes sir, she sure did. Don't you worry none, Mr. Chambers. I'll show her what to do and make sure she don't get hurt doin' it," Whitey offered.

"Thanks, Whitey. You're a good man." Matt clapped him on the back and headed for the house and a good supper. If he'd known that taking his feisty daughter over his knee would make such a drastic change for the better he would have done it a lot sooner! Once he'd washed up and Goldie called him to the table he noticed there was no place set for Amanda.

"Where's Mandy?" he asked the silent woman.

Goldie gave him a baleful look that spoke volumes. "Her room."

"We'll be down shortly," he announced and then got to his feet and went upstairs. He knocked on Amanda's door. "Mandy, why aren't you coming down to supper?" he demanded.

The door opened and she looked up at him. "I cannot sit down, Papa," she told him, her cheeks pink with embarrassment. "I am in too much pain to attempt sitting to eat a meal," she explained. "Goldie promised to fix me a tray."

"That is extra work for Goldie, and you ain't sick. Sitting on a sore butt is part of the punishment," he informed her matter-of-factly. "You come down and eat at the table."

"But, it hurts to sit down!" she repeated herself, positive he didn't understand what she was trying to tell him.

"It will hurt even worse if I have to spank you to get you to the table, girl. You don't make extra work for Goldie just because you're sore and it hurts to sit. You come and sit at the table. No more sass on the subject."

Amanda didn't know how she got through the meal. Sitting was pure torture, and her Papa was determined she sit there until he was finished eating, too. Finally, Matt announced he had some bookwork to do and he reminded her that they would be driving over to see Robert Thorne the next morning after breakfast.

Amanda wanted to argue, but she'd given her word and now she had no choice but go and apologize to the odious man. Once she helped Goldie with the dishes, Mandy decided she would go on upstairs and to bed. She certainly wasn't going to sit in the parlor, or at the piano and play as she normally did. How on earth she would survive the buggy seat in the morning was a complete mystery. She asked Goldie if she had any salve or ointment that would help, and the woman brought her a small tin. Mandy thanked her and then went upstairs. Once she undressed, she gingerly applied some of the ointment to her aching backside. To her relief, the burning sensation eased immediately. She crawled into bed and lied on her tummy, contemplating getting even with Robert Thorne.

* * *

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