The Dragon's Reluctant Bride

By: Serena Rose

I went up to the bar and flagged the bartender down. “I’d like a beer,” I said as I slapped down a 100 yen note.

“You got it. Gonna bet on the game? Tigers are going to take a dive at the bottom of the eighth and the Stars are going to pick it back up. Bet on the Stars, they’re considered the underdogs.” Made sense.

“Alright, a thousand on the Stars,” I said putting the appropriate note on the table. The bartender nodded and put the bill in a box he had stashed under the bar for just that exact purpose.

I took a swig of my beer and watched the game for a bit. “So the Karaoke is not on tonight?”

“Nah, no one’s really interested, seems like everyone just wants to hang out and watch the game to unwind. Wouldn’t blame them, to be honest. Business has been rather hectic lately.”

“You’ve got that right. This is my third late night in a week,” I said as I sipped my brew.

“Oh, boo hoo. Forgive me if I don’t feel sorry for you, but you are the Shinno Kintaro, it’s not like you actually do much.” Ouch, that hurt.

Before I could retort, the door opened and in stepped the beautiful woman I had matched on Tinder. My face broke out into a broad smile as I set my beer down on the bar and approached her.

“Hello, I am Shinno Kintaro, I would rather you just call me Kintaro. I’m honored that you accepted my invitation.” I meant every word of it. Hot damn, she was better looking than her picture. She was a few inches taller than me, not that I minded, because she had curves in all the right places. I mean, hot damn.

“I was surprised to receive it. I’m Rachel McDonald. I’ve been here for a few years on behalf of my company, and starting to feel a little lonely.”

Well, if I have my way, you won’t be lonely anymore.

“Well, I’m not like most Japanese men,” I said as we walked towards the bar. Those who could understand English chuckled as they overheard what I said. They wouldn’t give away my secret and I knew it, but the inside joke was pretty obvious.

She looked at me with her bright green eyes and I felt my cock stir in my slacks. Let’s hope I can land her. “So can I get you a drink?” I asked.

“Sure! I know this sounds cliché but I’m addicted to sake.” Excellent. This place brews their own on site so she was going to get the best damn sake in the whole of Japan.

“Not a problem. Can you get her a container of sake, please?” I asked the bartender. “Put it on my tab.”

“Not a problem,” he said with a grin as he poured the wine into the warm, white decanter.

I handed the decanter of sake to Rachel along with the cup. “I have my beer, so it’s all yours,” I said. “So what brings you to Japan?” I was genuinely curious because not many expats are women.

“Well, my company needed someone over here. I was the highest performing executive in my field so they sent me. Let’s just say, since being here, my performance has plummeted.” She sounded kinda down about that.

“Why is that?” I was genuinely curious.

“Well, come to find out, most Japanese businessmen don’t want to deal with women, especially American women.”

“Yes, you do have a point. What if I told you I could help you out with that? What’s your industry?” Honestly, if I could help her, maybe I could get into her pants, I thought.

“Advanced robotics and power armor production. I don’t know why they wouldn’t be interested in this.”

I thought for a moment, and realized the potential for our shell company in developing power armor for the American military, and possibly China and Russia. If we managed to get our hands into that, the Yakuza could come out on top in the international organized crime racket.

“You know, I could probably help you with that. You see, Japanese technology moguls don’t really like working on things that can be applied to war time. Has to do with our history, you understand.”

“Yes I do, but these suits can do more than bolster forces. They can aid in search and rescue, clearing of radioactive debris…all I have are the schematics for the prototypes. I’ve been courting tech firms here for two years without any success.”

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