The Dragon's Reluctant Bride

By: Serena Rose

“Well, today is your lucky day, I have some people who would probably be very interested in developing your technology. We’ll work things out. Enough of business, though. Would you be interested in coming over for tea?”

She looked kind of skeptical, so I turned on the charm. “Hey, don’t worry, I don’t bite. Think about it, you’ve been here two, three years now? You know what they say about all work and no play, right?” I placed my hand on hers and looked deep into her green eyes. I wanted her as soon as I saw her profile picture and she obviously wanted me.

“I guess that sounds alright.” She took my hand. “Tea sounds lovely.”

“Wonderful! Let’s watch the conclusion of this baseball game first, shall we? I have a friendly wager riding on it and would like to see how it pans out.” I already knew how it would pan out, I just wanted her to feel more comfortable with me.

The Stars and the Tigers battled it out on the big screen TV that hung next to the bar. It was the bottom of the eighth and this is where the Tigers were supposed to start throwing the game. The bases were loaded with Stars and the Tiger pitcher was about to throw.

He wound up and smacked the Stars’ batter square in the shoulder. Foul! Everybody walked and the scoreboard ticked up. The Stars were up by one point at the end of it.

The ninth inning rolled around and the Tigers kept missing their swings. As Rachel watched the game, I placed my hand gently on her leg, hoping to get some kind of response.

She looked at me and blushed but didn’t do anything to avoid my touch. That was a good sign.

The final Tiger was up to bat and the crowd was going wild, booing and jeering as their home town team was getting trounced by the outsiders. Alright, an easy two thousand yen was on its way. Not like I needed the money, but it was nice to win a bet every now and then.

CRACK!!!The batter sent the ball soaring through the air and well over the outfield wall in the distance. As the ball made its way, he jogged leisurely around the diamond, to my dismay. A home run. The Tiger hit a home run. He probably cost many of my associates quite a bit of money. I started to shake.

“Don’t worry, it’s a setup, just wait,” the bartender whispered to me. “They need to break the tie, so they’re gonna call up one more batter, he’s their worst player.”

I breathed a sigh of relief as this scrawny little man walked up to the plate.

“I think it’s the water boy,” I whispered in Rachel’s ear. I inhaled her perfume and was taken by how elegant it smelled. Better than the finest cherry blossoms in May. My head swam in its heady fragrance as I moved away.

She giggled as the small childlike man took his place at the plate and lifted the bat that might have weighed more than him, to his shoulder. It looked rather comical, to be honest. The pitch came and went three times, causing the teams to switch over once again into a tenth inning.

I was getting bored of the game and whispered in Rachel’s ear. “Would you like to get going? I can always collect my winnings tomorrow.”

She nodded. “Yeah, this game is going pretty long.” She smiled at me coyly while putting her hand on my lap. Now that’s what I’m talking about.


Kintaro didn’t seem so bad. We chatted and watched baseball together during the evening. Yes, I was wanting to hook up with someone. Two years without having much in the way of real human contact does wear on you after a while. When he finally matched me, I was ecstatic.

He was taller than most Japanese men I’ve met, he also kept his black hair long and tied back which was also pretty different and I liked that. His dark eyes twinkled when he smiled. His high cheek bones and square jaw gave his face a very aristocratic look. He looked as if he worked out regularly, as well. His tailored suit highlighted his body rather than hid it and I really liked what I saw. I wondered what was underneath it all.

When he offered to go back to his place for tea, I was hesitant at first, but the way he smiled and flirted made it increasingly difficult. This man had charisma, not to mention he said he knew someone who would want to start development on the power armor schematics I was sent here to sell.

After years of being stonewalled by the patriarchal system, I was grateful to have some help, and if I had to sleep with someone to get that help, I honestly didn’t see the problem. My bosses wanted results and they didn’t care how I got them. They were getting really antsy and were about to kick me off this project. So if I could show them I had a buyer, my bacon would be saved.

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