The Dragon's Reluctant Bride

By: Serena Rose

I felt his soft, hot, lips kiss my sensitive throat and I let out a moan as we made our way to the bedroom in a flurry of passion and lust. My pussy throbbed and ached to be filled as he fondled my breasts. I craved his touch and his taste. I just wanted all of him. As we entered the bedroom, he stopped and backed off of me. His eyes were burning with lust as he took in the view of my topless body. “Turn around and pull your leggings off slowly. I want to watch you,” he said in his deep, baritone voice.

I smiled, turned around and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my grey leggings and started to tug them down. I bent over as they slid over my voluptuous ass, down my knees and around my ankles.

I heard a low whistle behind me. “Stay like that for a second. That’s just mmm...perfect,” I heard Kintaro say as I felt his gaze burning my flesh. I then heard his fly being undone and his pants hitting the floor. “You can take them all the way off and lie down on the bed,” he instructed.

I felt shivers going through me as he told me what he wanted. I loved that. I was always in charge in my day to day life, being told what to do was a serious turn-on. My womanhood throbbed in response to his direction as I followed it to the letter.

My eyes went wide when I saw his impressive cock standing at attention. The head was a dark red, and its size – alright, let me tell you, all that crap about Asian men being small, that’s complete bullshit. Kintaro was hung; he was at least nine inches and thick and I felt my mouth and pussy water at the thought of touching and tasting it.

Kintaro walked towards the bed, his impressive manhood bobbing with each step. His body was built. It wasn’t a bulky muscular, it was wiry and lithe. You could tell he worked out, but his power was subtle and still very nice to look at. His six-pack abs rippled as he crawled over my voluptuous body and his hungry mouth began to nuzzle and lick my neck once more.

I moaned as I felt his soft lips caress my flesh. I reached up and started to rub his firm back as his head moved its way down my body to suck at my full breasts. I felt his hot mouth draw in one of my sensitive nipples as one of his hands caressed the other. Oh God, my pussy was throbbing, it was almost painful how much I needed to get off right then and there.

I arched my wet folds trying to get his dick inside me.

“Ahh, I have other plans for you right now,” he purred in my ear, sending thrills of lust down my back and into my soaking wet pussy. “Just be patient. I enjoy teasing my lovers almost more than I do fucking them.” He licked the side of my breast, causing me to writhe in ecstasy.

I whimpered as I felt his tongue venture downwards over my soft stomach towards the juncture between my thighs. He stopped at the thatch of curly red hair between my legs and smiled. “So glad the curtains match the drapes,” he said before he dipped his tongue into my hot, wet folds.

The feeling of his soft tongue on my most sensitive flesh drove me wild. He teasingly avoided my clit as he fully devoured my womanhood with his slick tongue. He moved it up one side, then the other. After a while, I couldn’t take any more and I started whimpering and grabbing at his long black hair to direct him to where I wanted him to go.

“Getting impatient are we?” he whispered. “Very well, then. I’m starting to feel a bit antsy myself,” he said just as he clamped his mouth on my rock hard clit and began to gently suck on it. I felt his long, skilled fingers enter my dripping pussy and push upwards on my G-spot. Yes, that’s it, I thought. Keep moving that tongue, suck it a little harder, please, oh yes, right there!

I saw white flashing lights behind my eyes as a cascade of pleasure washed over me as I finally reached my climax. I lay on the bed, panting as I felt Kintaro move up my body and position himself between my legs. I heard the crinkle of a condom package and breathed a sigh of relief as I saw him roll it down onto his throbbing cock. “Now it’s time for my turn. Don’t want any accidents happening, do we?”

I shook my head as I spread my legs wider. I felt him fill me up with just one thrust. We lay there, joined together for a moment, panting to give ourselves a moment. I stared into his dark eyes as he started to slowly move his hips against mine, grinding them into me. Each short thrust rubbed my G-spot and clit simultaneously, causing another orgasm to build up inside me.

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