The Dragon's Reluctant Bride

By: Serena Rose

“Holy shit, you’re so tight,” Kintaro whispered into my ear as he fucked me. “This isn’t your first time, is it?”

“First time in like three years.” I clamped my muscles down onto his thick cock.

He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw as he struggled to control his lust. I smiled, as I did all I could to get him to lose what little control that he had, and get him to fuck me harder. I rocked my hips faster as he slowly and gently fucked me.

“Please,” he whispered, as he rocked me to the core, “let me savor this.”

The constant grinding against my clit and G-spot was just driving me crazy with lust. I wasn’t used to the slow, gentle approach and it was the most delicious torture I have ever experienced. It was a slow, leisurely lovemaking.

I ran my hands over his muscular back and felt what seemed like scar tissue all across it. I started to wonder what had happened, but my thought process was distracted as Kintaro began to pick up the pace of our lovemaking.

His hips began to move faster as he started to breathe harder. Each time his cock hit my G-spot my peak drew closer. It felt so good. “Fuck me harder, please, God I need it,” I panted as he started to drive it home.

I felt another orgasm start to peak as I clamped down onto Kintaro’s thick cock and howled as I gushed around him. As I came, he started growling and grunting as he slammed his hips deep inside of me. I saw his eyes go wide as he emptied himself inside of the latex sheath.

He quickly pulled out and rolled off the bed to, what I assume was dispose of the condom, while I stared at the ceiling, panting from the awesome sex we just had. I felt a bit wetter than usual, but I just chalked it up to having two really good orgasms in a row.

Kintaro came back in to the bedroom, looking pretty distressed. “I’m sorry.” He looked really distraught. “The condom broke at the wrong time and…you might want to go to the pharmacy and get the morning after pill.”

I shot up. “Wait, the condom broke?” I couldn’t believe this.

“Hey, at least I’m letting you know. I could have just sent you on your way without saying a fucking word,” he shouted at me. At least he seemed upset about it as well. “There’s a pharmacy we…I mean I…fuck!” he said as he turned around.

My eyes went wide as I saw an ornate red dragon tattoo etched onto his back. It almost seemed alive as he moved around. The line work had a slight shimmer in the dim recessed lighting of the bedroom, and I was mesmerized by it. I stared at the baleful yellow eyes of the serpentine dragon that decorated Kintaro’s muscular back, entranced by the absolutely exquisite artwork and skill that went into every scale and shading. Then it hit me, in Japan it meant only one thing. “You’re….”

“Shit!” he exclaimed as he realized he had his back to me. “Fuck, too late now huh, you’ve seen it?” He sighed and sat down next to me. “Guess I have to come out with it, huh? Well, I’m the head of the Dragon clan of the Yakuza. I thought this would be just a one-night hookup and we could go on our way. You’re not in any danger, especially if you go to our pharmacy and ask for Plan B.

“It’s pretty difficult to get in Japan without a prescription, so it’s best if you go to this place,” he said as he wrote the address down. He handed me his business card. “Take this with you or they won’t serve you at all.”

I started to put my clothes on as he was writing down the address to the pharmacy. I felt numb. At least it wasn’t like he slipped the condom off at the wrong time. He was just as upset about this as I was, probably more so. “Why would I be in danger if I…”

“Because they’ll kill you,” he explained as he handed me the paper. “Don’t ask me who. Just take my word for it. You know how I said that this place isn’t as orderly as you think it is? If you want to keep thinking that Japan is some utopia of law and order, go get the pill.” He grabbed my phone from my purse and punched in his number. “Text me either way, alright? I need to know if it worked. Please?” he asked.

I knew this was a man who wasn’t used to begging so I decided to agree. “Yeah, I’ll let you know either way.”

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