The Dragon's Reluctant Bride

By: Serena Rose

“Also, we are your only chance at selling those schematics. No company in Japan will touch anything that has to do with war. You will have to deal with us, if you want to keep your job with Dynamico.”

I gulped as I grasped the reality of the situation. He was right. I’ve been trying for years to get this technology picked up in Japan and no matter how I spun it, no one would grab. Kintaro really was my only hope. Maybe that’s what my boss wanted all along?

He sat back down and started to dress himself. “Look, tonight was a really fun date, if you aren’t pregnant, we might do this again?” he asked, with sincerity shining in his dark brown eyes.

I gulped and looked at him. He was a mob boss, but he was also my ticket to keeping my job so I really didn’t want to upset him. “Sure. We need to meet later anyway, to discuss the sale of the power armor schematics.”

“I would have bought them even if you didn’t just give me the best lay I’ve had in a very long time.” He smiled. “But it helps.”

I finished getting dressed and walked towards the door. “Well, I’ll be in touch to let you know either way. During business hours though, we’ll talk about that contract.”

“I’m glad you haven’t let my occupation deter you from a profitable business dealing.”

“To be honest, I’d rather this go to an American ally than to China or Russia. That’s why I’m still dealing with you.” I figured I’d be straight with him before leaving.

“Yes, I understand. The Dragon clan deals exclusively with American military contractors. We are considered one of the more…honest of the Yakuza clans.”

“Well, you proved that tonight.” Which was the truth. He could have just let me carry on until I missed my period and go “Oh the condom broke! Whoops!” Considering how difficult abortion is to obtain in Japan, I would prefer to not go that route.

“Thank you,” he said as he kissed me on the forehead. “I’m really not that bad of a guy if you get to know me.”

Little did I know, I was going to get to know him quickly.

Chapter 2

So, you’re wondering what happened? Well let’s see, she squeezed down on me and I had to cum. I pushed in, and through the condom. Japanese condoms are a fair bit thinner than American ones, so there you go.

When she saw my tattoo however, that was a complication. Rachel seemed fairly accepting, though, so at least that was a plus. She didn’t seem to be the type to blabber to everyone so I was fairly certain she wouldn’t let on that we had been intimate.

It was roughly two weeks since Rachel and I had slept together and we’ve been seeing each other pretty regularly to close the contract on the power armor procurement. My board of directors didn’t want me to even consider dealing with her, but I forced the issue, to their dismay. A bunch of ancient old farts, they have no concept about how the future is going to look. To keep the peace, one needs to prepare for war. That was my motto, anyway.

My phone buzzed with a text message and I picked it up. It was Rachel. My heart dropped in my stomach as I read the news. She was pregnant.

God damnit! Yeah, I could do many things but secure her an abortion was not one of them, no doctor would be willing to put his license on the line, no matter how much I paid him. I needed to do something fast. Fly her to China or Korea? That could work. China was a better bet, legislation wise.

I knew what I had done was bad, very bad. I just hoped the elders didn’t find out until I got her safely to China and on the abortionist table. This is the last thing I wanted.

As I sat in my office and stewed, there was a knock on my door. “Come in.”

Three old men dressed in ancient looking robes shuffled into my office. They positively smelled of dust and mothballs. This isn’t good, I thought.

These were the high elders of the three Clans of the Yakuza. The ones who give the sacred irezumi to those of high enough rank, imbuing them with the ability to change into the Clan’s totem animal. I, for instance, am able to change into the dragon that is permanently embedded into my skin.

“We have been tracking the woman you bedded a few weeks ago, Kintaro.” Yazmat, the eldest of the three said.

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