The Dragon's Reluctant Bride

By: Serena Rose

“Yeah, and?” I was beginning to sweat.

“You know that it is forbidden for you to impregnate a woman without our approval. The bloodline must remain pure for the irezumi to bond and grant its power,” Izami, the middle of the three, said.

“I wore a condom, it broke! She took the morning after pill, she told me.” I was pacing back and forth now. This means Rachel could be executed. That couldn’t happen, I wouldn’t allow it.

“We have sent assassins to find her and end this problem,” Ikazi, the youngest said. Fuck no, just no.

The bloodline has to be pure they said. Pure as in, she needed to be Japanese? That wouldn’t work, but maybe they meant in wedlock. “Wait, what if I marry her before she has the baby? Will that keep her safe?” Honestly, over the past two weeks I’ve become quite attached to Rachel. She was funny, independent and kind. The fact she was smoking hot and a firecracker in bed also helped, but as soon as the Three Brothers of the Yakuza talked about killing her and my unborn child, I was in full-on protective mode.

See, Yazmat, was the Chief Elder of the Dragon clan. Izami, was the head of the Tiger Clan, and Ikazi was the head of the Kitsune Clan. All three ruled over the Clans with an iron fist. There was usually quite a bit of infighting among the three clans, and the immortal brothers were no different, so when they got together and agreed upon something with such finality, you knew that there was something serious going on.

I sat there and waited while they discussed it among themselves. I knew they would have preferred me to mate with one of their own. The Tigers would be especially slighted because I had been betrothed to the daughter of their Yokai, or shape shifter, in hopes of cementing a solid alliance. The thing is, I didn’t like the girl, to put it lightly.

Alright, I hated her. She was selfish, stuck-up, self-centered and just an all-around cunt. Not only that, I didn’t find her physically attractive either. She had absolutely no breasts, or hips. It was almost as if she never went through puberty. The thought of sleeping with someone who looked so child-like turned my stomach.

“Never! He’s promised to my descendant and that is final!” Izami yelled out. I knew he was going to be a problem.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m Yazmat’s direct descendant. Each Clan head is directly descended from one of the elders, who have been around for literally as long as the Yakuza. Each embody the main spirit of the clan animal and it’s passed on to their direct issue. They’re the only ones who have the power to pass on the power through the sacred irezumi. That’s the way it works.

Miko, the girl Izami was talking about, was the first female born into the Yokai families in over a thousand years. Due to being female, she was not allowed to take the sacred irezumi, so they wanted to marry her to the most eligible bachelor -- me. The fact that Miko was born a girl, pointed some pretty big suspicions at Miko’s mother.

Of course, Takai had his proclivities from what we’ve learned through the grapevine. Apparently, he had no desire to bed women. Maybe, out of duty to keep the Tiger’s line alive, Miko’s mother reached out and got impregnated by Takai’s younger brother, hence how Miko was born. DNA tests proved inconclusive either way because Takai was so close a genetic match to his brother, Oru, that there was no way to be sure.

Why not the Kitsune clan? Well, for starters, the head of the Kitsune clan was in his fifties and already married. His son was too young to even entertain the thought of marriage at only ten years old. Kid was lucky to escape an arranged marriage like that, but who knows, maybe when he got older, his duty would compel him to listen to the elder’s suggestions on who to marry and go with it.

“Sorry, Izami, but you are the only dissenting voice in this. Kintaro marries the Western woman, before her pregnancy shows.” Yazmat looked at me with his milky white blind eyes and I shuddered as I knew he was staring at me deep into my soul. “You will have to tell her. Everything, and if she values her own life, she will agree to marry you. If not, we’ll kill her and you will be forced to marry Miko.”

I swallowed hard and nodded. “I’ll go and meet her…”

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