The Intern Vol. 2

By: Brooke Cumberland

“Yes, she is. I wasn’t aware she was even looking into internships, nevertheless applying for them.”

I hear the confusion in his voice and wonder if perhaps he’s getting too old for his job.

I smirk to myself before replying. “Well, sir, I actually have a letter of recommendation from you. It says you acknowledge her skills as a student and that she would be a valuable asset to our company.” I try not to sound rude, but I’m annoyed at how he can’t even keep his students straight. “Casey West, she’s about five feet-three, maybe a hundred and ten or twenty pounds. Um, brownish-blonde hair?” I ramble off her looks as if it’ll matter.

“I’m aware of what she looks like, sir. I’m not aware of any internship she’s applied to.” His tone is harsh, and I’m immediately pissed off. “Or any letter of recommendation.”

I run my tongue along my lower lip as I take in this new information. I’m not sure what it all means, but one thing’s for sure—she lied on her application.

Chapter Four


I SPEND THE better part of Friday night trying to research Samuel Anderson and what connection he could possibly have to my dad.

I end up falling asleep at my desk with all my lights still on. By the time I wake up, I’m already late for work.

“Shit!” I frantically rush to get ready and drive faster than I should. I finally arrive at 8:27 am.

I don’t have time to feel nervous anymore. All I can think about is how mad he’s going to be. And how I have no idea what we are…or how I’m supposed to act around him.

I smooth my skirt with my hands as I walk down the hall to Bentley’s office. I walk in slowly and watch him intently to gauge his mood. He sits tall as he continues writing something.

“Good morning, Mr. Leighton,” I say as I stand in front of his desk with my arms folded in front of me. I don’t have his coffee either…fuck, he’s going to fire me.

“Good morning, Miss West.” His voice is deep and smooth. I nervously stand there, anticipating him yelling at me soon.

He finally lifts his head and makes eye contact with me. There’s an amused grin on his face as he takes in my outfit. I wonder if he’s going to mention Thursday night, but after sneaking out early, and taking a cab to my car Friday morning, I haven’t heard from him since. And I haven’t tried to contact him either.

I watch as he squirms in his chair as if he’s fighting an inner battle. His eyes aren’t as soft, and suddenly, I feel butterflies in my stomach, as I fear something is wrong.

“I have a project for you this morning,” he says as he hands me a thick manila folder. “In order for me, as your boss, to know your abilities, we have all interns and out-of-college grads complete a practice case file.”

I nod in understanding, but inside I’m completely dying.

“It’s a simple junior college-level case, something similar you’ve probably already covered in one of your class projects.” He smiles back at me, and I feel as if he’s challenging me.

“Great, I’ll get started.” I smile wide as if it’ll be no big deal and turn to walk out the door.

“Oh, and Ceci.” His voice jerks me back around to face him. “You have one hour.”

I nod and hurry out of his office and into the one I’ve been allowed to use. My body is shaking with nerves as I realize the task he’s given me—something a college senior should be able to do in their sleep.

I adjust myself in the office chair and flip open the file. I read over the notes, the case information, and the evidence.

Victim: Mark Philips

Background information: 34-year-old Caucasian male, never returned home after work on Thursday, March 19. Wife reported him missing the next day.

Case Notes: Police followed up with his job at Tillman & Tillman, a sausage processing company. He worked 6AM to 6PM Monday-Thursday.

It was confirmed that he punched in at 5:57AM and punched out at 12:35PM for his lunch break. He then punched back in at 1:35PM but never punched back out for the evening.

Detectives interviewed the company owner, his supervisor, his line partner, and five other employees that said they saw him that day.

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