The Intern Vol. 2

By: Brooke Cumberland

“Now what?” she challenges.

“On your knees,” I snap. “Hands behind your back.”

Her breath hitches at first, but she willingly obliges. She slowly looks up at me through her dark lashes as she waits for my next command.

“Open your mouth.”

I pull my briefs down and stroke my already hard cock. I groan as I take it in my hand and plunge it into her mouth. She willing accepts my full length, not giving up until the tip has reached the back of her throat.

“Oh, fuck,” I moan as soon as her lips wrap around me. She licks the length from the base all the way to the tip before taking me completely. “Jesus, Ceci,” I growl. She moves her head up and down my length several times without stopping. She’s a fucking pro.

I dig my hands into her hair, guiding her slowly just where I want her.

“Mm,” I hear her throaty moans. It’s enough to get me pissed off that she’s enjoying this. She’s not acting intimidated or fearful. She begins to speed up the pace and soon, my entire body tenses as it waits for its release.


I grab her hair and pull her head back. She continues anyway, licking and sucking where she can.

“I said stop,” I order firmly.

“Mm…so good,” she purrs, obviously not listening to my demands. I pull her hair tighter, but it does nothing to stop her.

“You like it when I’m rough, don’t you, Ceci? Is this the kinky shit you’re into?” I nearly yell as my body betrays me and it fully releases into her mouth. She accepts it willing, sucking me harder as it makes its way down her throat.

I’m beyond pissed. One—she didn’t fucking listen to me. Two—I didn’t want to come in her pretty little mouth. And now, three—she thinks she holds all control over me when her lips are wrapped aggressively around me.

“Do you have a hearing problem?”

Her face tilts up to look at me as she licks her lips clean. “No.”

My blood is boiling at the way she’s challenging me, pushing me to my end.

“Then you have a listening problem?”

“We’re not in the office, Mr. Leighton. I don’t have to listen to you,” she counters.

“If I hadn’t already filled that goddamn smart mouth of yours…”

“You’d what?” She glares at me. “Why are you acting like a controlling asshole?”

“Controlling asshole?” I muse, laughing. “Seems to me you like it, don’t you, Ceci? I see the way your nipples perk up. I feel your hot breath all around me. You’re aroused. And even more, you’re aroused that this arouses you.”

“So what if it does?” she challenges.

I grab her and force her up so we’re eye level. “What else do you like?” I whisper. “What else are you willing to give me?”

“Anything you want, Bentley. I’m yours.”

My mouth instantly crushes to hers. My hands aggressively cup her face. Her arms wrap around my body, her nails clawing at my skin as her hands make their way down to my ass.

“You are the most intriguing and confusing person I’ve ever met,” I breathe out as I continue to hold her.

“Likewise, Mr. Leighton.”

“You want to tell me who you really are, Ceci? I know you’re hiding something from me,” I growl deeply, letting her know how serious I am.

“I’m exactly who I told you I was. I have nothing to hide,” she answers confidently.

Too confidently.

I quickly grab under her ass and hoist her up against me. Her legs wrap around my waist and her arms lock around my neck in a death grip.

“How far are you willing to go to prove that?” I whisper in her hair. I nip the skin just below her ear, showing her how deadly serious I am.

“I already told you, Bentley. I won’t break.”

The way her voice lingers sends a chill down my body. She’s not kidding. She’s willing to do anything I ask. The way her body melts to mine as if she’s daring me to do with it as I please, which instantly grabs my cock’s attention.

I’m filled with a mixture of rage and passion, and all I want to do is fuck her senseless until she tells me the truth.

Our naked bodies are molded together, and I know I have the upper hand here, yet it feels like she’s controlling everything when it comes to my emotions.

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