The Intern Vol. 2

By: Brooke Cumberland

Fuck. Emotions?

This was exactly why I didn’t allow myself to get too close—like last time.

Emotions. And then attachments. But now it’s me fighting those feelings off. However, I’m not sure I can.

I kiss her once more, nipping at her lips with an uncontrollable desire. I can feel her body heating against mine—she wants it as badly as I do.

“Bend over the bed,” I say breaking the kiss. I drop my arms and allow her feet to land on the floor. “Keep your hands planted on the sheets.”

She spins around and willingly bends her body over the bed with both hands above her head. I lean over her and squeeze her breasts in my hands. My cock springs torturously against her ass, signaling her to spread her legs farther. She releases a moan, parting her legs for me.

“Let’s play a game,” I whisper.

Her body writhes underneath me, yet she doesn’t say no. I release one of her breasts and roam my free hand down her flat stomach to her clit. I rub aggressively, not slowing down as she starts screaming and moaning. Her hands are still above her head, but I can feel her struggling to keep them there.

“Bentley…” she finally says. “Please. Oh, my god.” I feel her struggling against me. Her body convulses as I bring her to orgasm. I rub her nipple hard in between my thumb and forefinger as I work her clit in the same rhythm. My cock is still pressing hard against her ass, trapping her against the bed so she can’t move. Her hands are balled into fists as she struggles to control her breathing. “Oh, god….I can’t take it. Bentley, please.” She continues begging and it’s the sweetest fucking sound. “Stop…it’s too intense.” As the alcohol surges through my blood, the more daring I become.

“Sweetheart, we’re playing a game here,” I remind her, my voice laced with amusement. “Tell me a secret.”

“I-I don’t have any secrets, Bentley,” she forces out. “Ah…yes. Oh, god.” Her body is shaking against me, and I know she’s close.

“Tell me, Ceci,” I demand in her ear. “I’m going to torture every part of your body until you tell me the truth.”

“Tell you what?” she pleads.

“Tell me who you really are,” I growl, pissed off that I even have to say it again.

“I swear, I’m telling the truth,” she insists. “Ahh…oh, god…yes….” I feel her releasing around my fingers, but before she does, I remove them and kneel down in between her legs. I force them apart and like a hungry animal, my mouth is on her pussy, licking up her juices as she releases around my tongue.

I keep working her. I don’t let her come down. She’s pleading for it, yet she’s begging for me to stop.

I run my hands up her legs and spread them as far apart as possible. I catch her with one hand as she loses her balance—unable to keep up with the pleasure-torture my tongue is giving her.

“Bentley…I swear…my name is Ceci. Everything I told you is true,” she forces out right before I force two fingers inside her. My tongue and fingers work her into another frenzy, her body ready to collapse around me.

I stand back up and slap her ass before leaning back over her.

“Why don’t I believe you?”

Her breathing is rapid, her body pulsating up and down as I allow her body to rest.

“Why do you doubt me? I’ve been nothing but honest with you, Bentley. Why are you—”

“Why am I what, Ceci? Why don’t you tell me what you were doing in my office?” I glide my tongue up her spine as my hands slide up her arms. Her breathing hitches and her body stills.

“Yes, I saw you,” I answer her silent thoughts. “So you can either tell me the truth, or I will fuck you until you do. Either way, it’s a win-win for me.” I grin selfishly. I know what I’m doing…yet, I can’t stop. Rage and passion fuel my actions as I continue thinking about her betrayal.

She doesn’t answer me, and it’s all the confirmation I need to know that I’m right.

“All right. Have it your way,” I warn.

I slide my hands back down her arms as I stand back up behind her. My hands grip her hips before I take her from behind. Her body dips to the bed in a perfect forty-five degree angle. I can see all of her this way—she’s fucking beautiful the way she’s laid out for me.

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