The Intern Vol. 2

By: Brooke Cumberland

I thrust inside—her body jolts with my entrance. Her pussy opens up willingly around my length as I tease her clit with one hand. My other hand squeezes her hip to keep the pace.

“Ah, fuck, Ceci…” The feeling of her bare body against me is almost too much for me to handle. She’s so damn tight. I know I’m not going to last long if I don’t concentrate on the task at hand.

Her body jerks forward as I stroke deeper. Her moans and screams get louder as my hips rock against her.

“You ready to tell me now, Ceci? Who are you working for?”

“Shit,” she curses in a half moan. “You, Bentley. I work for you.”

Another lie.

I free my hand from her clit and start rubbing her ass. I lick my finger before putting the tip of it inside her. She immediately tenses, jerking away from me.

“How about now? You ready to tell me now?” I threaten, forcing my finger deeper inside her ass. I can tell she’s not experienced there from the way her body rejects me. It only makes me want her more—my finger and cock grinding deeper inside her. “I told you—I’ll torture every part of you until you tell me the truth,” I threaten.

“Oh, my god…” she breathes out. “I am,” she forces out. “Bentley…holy shit…” I can feel she’s ready to give in and answer me, but instead, she presses her ass harder against me. “Yes, god. Ahh…more,” she pleads.

This is fucking turning her on.

I soon realize I’m not wearing a condom…again. Fuck. If she keeps moaning like that, I’m going to come before I’m ready.

She grinds her body against me and begins circling her ass against my finger that’s half a finger deep inside her. She’s not intimidated…I haven’t crossed any lines….she’s fucking enjoying this torturous act.

Suddenly, I’m pissed that my plan isn’t working and aggressively pull out of her.

“Ah…” she moans at the sudden exit. I flip her over and lean over her body.

“What were you doing in my office?” My tone is deep and serious. I lock my eyes with her so she can see just how serious I am.

“I was checking my school email,” she explains. “I-I panicked when I heard you. I thought you’d be mad that I was on it without asking.”

Oh, this girl is good.

I smirk at her as I tower over her body, her hands trapped by mine on either side of her.

“Checking your email?” I repeat doubtfully. “Why would you hide for checking your email?”

She shrugs lightly, her eyes maintaining eye contact with me. “I wasn’t sure how you felt about people touching your stuff.”

It’s a simple response. Almost too simple. But as the alcohol wears off and my mind releases the rage, my heart actually wants to believe her.

“Why are you letting me treat you this way, Ceci? Don’t girls want to be loved, cherished, and all that girly shit?”

“I told you…I’m not like other girls.” The tone in her voice is seductive, challenging almost. I grab her legs and wrap them around my waist. I lift her off the bed and slam us both against the wall behind me.

“Is that so?” I growl against her ear. She nods as she clenches tightly onto me. “Good, because what I want to do to you requires a lot of trust. Something I’ve never asked of another girl. Think I can get that from you, Ceci?”

Her head falls back as I take her raw flesh in my mouth. I suck her neck hard, showing her just how much she’s mine.

“Yes,” she finally breathes out. “I’m yours.”

“Those are the sexiest words I’ve ever heard.” I move my mouth to her lips and kiss her softly. “I want to trust you, Ceci.”

For the first time in my life, I feel vulnerable around someone else. Feeding the rage and passion wasn’t too much for her, rather she gave into it—she liked it. She willingly gave me just what I needed.

“You can. I promise.”

Chapter Two


THE SIGHT OF Bentley’s body towering over me sent me in panic mode. I was pretending to sleep, hoping he’d crawl in next to me, and we’d spoon until he fell back asleep. What I hadn’t counted on was Bentley catching me…or his games.

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