The Millionaire Affair

By: Jessica Lemmon

“That was different.”


Kimber shook her head rather than fib again. Neil or Ginny, even Mick, could handle this ghost town in her stead. Right now, across the street, Jilly’s bakery and the restaurant next door teemed with customers. While she sat here in an empty shop and tried to use her powers of telekinesis to move customers from the food shops to her store. Maybe she should start offering a free pastry with every purchase.

“He’ll pay you whatever you want.” Angel knelt in front of Kimber, her eyes doughy.

“I don’t need the money.” Angel had mentioned a dollar amount right after she suggested the position. An amount that had caused Kimber’s knees to buckle. True, Kimber may not need the money, but she sure could use it. To fund Operation “Get My Ex-Boyfriend and Co-owner of My Store Out of My Life For Good.”

Removing Mick’s name from the lease was a huge, huge motivator. But she also had her pride. “I’m an only child,” she said. “I have had zero experience with siblings or babies or children of my own. Do you want to entrust your only nephew with someone who has never changed a diaper?”

Angel laughed the next two words. “He’s six. And well out of diapers.”

“See?” She stood and paced to the other side of the store where she straightened a rack that didn’t need straightening. “I should have known that.” She slid a hanger into another with a shink sound. “More proof I’m unqualified.”

“You knew that!” Angel stopped the next hanger with her palm, her eyes boring into Kimber’s skull. A human lie detector, her friend.

“I know.” Kimber crossed her arms. “I just… feel uncomfortable.”

She waved her off. “My nephew is a doll face. Like me.” Angel batted her eyelashes.

“You know I know you’re not really an angel, right?”

A loud, awkward cough sounded from the other side of the store. Angel’s eyes flicked over her shoulder where her husband Richie stood, arms braced around his body, looking decidedly uncomfortable. At his side was Mick, who was texting and doing his level best to completely ignore him. Mick. What a jackass.

“They seem to be hitting it off,” Angel said dryly. “Need I remind you why you’d like to speed up the process of getting Mick out of here?”

She didn’t. Every day got harder than the last. But that didn’t change the other potentially bigger issue Kimber was worried about. “I’m not opposed to being Lyon’s babysit—” At Angel’s stern glare, she corrected herself, “Nanny.”

Kimber could get through her discomfort, figure out how to handle a six-year-old. The main problem with this whole scenario was that Angel had said this was a “live-in” situation. And Kimber couldn’t fathom a world where she might live under the same roof as Landon “Sexy Pants” Downey. Unless it was a fantasy world of her making.

Granted, she was a far cry from the teenager who had a mouth full of metal and a nervous hyena laugh, but Landon was awfully… GQ. She picked a piece of lint off her secondhand capris and avoided Angel’s scrutinizing gaze. Kimber wouldn’t even know how to behave around him.

Angel lowered her voice, though there was no need. Mick was paying no one any attention, not even Richie who was supposed to be running interference for this elusive talk. “I know you had a crush on Evan way back then,” she started.

It was a wrong assumption Kimber had never corrected when she was a teenager. Or since.

Angel smiled supportively before continuing. “But Evan won’t be there, so you don’t have to be nervous about seeing him.” A twinkle lit her light eyes. “Unless you’d like to see him. He is single, and if you and Lyon get along—”

“No.” She halted her friend’s speech, snuffing the hope that had begun blooming in Angel’s eyes. “I don’t want to date Evan. The crush I had on him”—Landon—“was over a decade and a half ago.”

Angel blew out a defeated breath. “Fine. Sorry. Well, if you’re worried about Landon, don’t.”

She nearly swallowed her tongue at the mention of his name. If Angel had any idea about the debilitating crush Kimber had harbored for him way back when…

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